A Restoration Of Taste in Paris

 Have you taken the time to really enjoy your food lately? Amidst the constant talk that we are what we eat, French cuisine in Paris invites one to enjoy life to the maximum. Taking one’s time to choose the right food to eat there fosters a more life – fulfilling experience. A crisp baguette or croissant begins each morning uncluttered by worries about caloric count overkill. As the day progresses, you realize that the need to find food goes beyond hunger. A sensory collage of color, shape, and smell commands your attention in your attempt to select a simple lunchtime sandwich. Each meal proceeds creatively as an artist ponders the complex brushwork of his latest painting. The excitement continues at dinner as you discover novel ways that your food will be presented. Pour your melted cheese onto a boiled potato with a French style, Raclette meal , savor your green salad appetizer served heated for extra flavor, or delight in a mountain of mussels piled high in your seafood medley. The evening now ends in an explosion of sugary delight when your attention falls on the pastry of your dreams. That secret taste which lies inside of a flaky crust is a sure way to know that you have lived a moment of quiet ecstasy in the mere presence of food.            

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