Aliens For Peace Unwelcome Here

As a longtime resident of South Florida, you become accustomed to the winter season, when hordes of tourists come to town for a brief glimpse of tropical paradise. You would normally expect then that our community would make an ideal spot for welcoming an extraterrestrial (ET) visitor from another galaxy. However, life has changed dramatically since our country has elected its first, reality TV star as President. A general distrust of others today pervades our country as our media – brainwashed citizens willingly subject themselves to a litany of lunatic rants and diatribes from their celebrity leader. The local airwaves are now filled with talk about erecting protective walls, deporting all foreigners, and confronting those in opposition with violent force.Under such conditions, imagine how the first encounter of intelligent ET beings with earthlings might occur in South Florida?
It is a typical, weekday afternoon in balmy Miami. While arriving vacationers dream of the hedonistic pleasures of South Beach, commuter traffic crawls predictably slow on Interstate 95 in the daily escape north to the surrounding suburbs. Suddenly, a ring of light appears in the eastern sky. From its center, a crystalline disc drops down to the earth at great speed from its seaward position, and lands near a line of stopped vehicles waiting to enter a north ramp to I-95. Due to recent U.S. aggression in South America and Mexico, the mood of our community can be described as already tense. It is eminently clear now that this unidentified blockage of a major, South Florida right of way might pose a potential security threat of major proportion. National and local media TV markets will soon interrupt regular 5:00 pm, programming of the President’s new favorite show, “You Are a Loser Compared to Me,” to report “Breaking News”,  that an invasion from outer space is happening now in the vicinity of downtown Miami. How would highly intelligent beings from outer space view us then? Would they perceive us as a knowledgeable and hospitable people?
Conversations on ET Spacecraft 5:05 pm. EST
Sargon, There is a flat expanse of terrain running parallel to the earth sun. (highway). Let us secure a position near this space. Many of these inhabitants appear to carry shiny objects in their rectangular tubes of travel (passenger vehicle). I have learned that the human name for them is gun. I reason that they must use these mechanisms to obtain more nourishment for themselves.”
Yes, Zibula, these are several characteristics that appear to be human. I also observe that these inhabitants make use of their nourishment guns frequently with curious upright gestures of their right appendage (hand) accompanied by a thrusting (finger) ritual they call “shooting a bird.” It also appears that their search for provisions involves an excess of loud, mouth vibrations (profanities) and a shrill, warning burst (horn) from the front of their travel tube vehicle. I think there are many that must be very hungry.
Sargon, I have established contact with one of the inhabitants. This humanoid has no gun and calls itself homeless. It has informed me that there are many beings here with the same name who lack basic nourishment. Such Humanoids must have a great need for a nourishment gun. Perhaps we can provide them with our own Sustenance Synthesizer (device for growing food without soil or sunlight) for growing unlimited amounts of nourishment.
Zibula, I have determined that their guns can also be used as weapons to kill. Why don’t they make peaceful use of these devices to help nourish the homeless ones? We must show them that our own nutrition – producing mechanisms do not intend to kill. Let us package our food production gifts to their leaders now as a token of our concern.
While the aliens ponder a way to present their gestures of peace to humans, the rapidly evolving situation intensifies as a nervous citizenry hears of this impending tragedy.
Emergency Broadcast, Miami Florida 5:10 pm EST
On the Scene Report. 1 – An unidentified flying vehicle has just landed in the northbound entrance lane of Interstate Highway #95.  Traffic has been halted for security reasons in both directions although a sizable number of bystanders from surrounding areas have amassed near the scene. It is believed that the situation is tense amongst the onlookers in fear that an outsider threat is imminent in our community.
On the Scene Report 2 – An Armed Citizenry Team has surrounded the alien object and is currently conducting a thorough investigation of the threat potential. No enemy organization has as yet claimed responsibility for this action. We urge everyone to remain vigilant and be on the lookout any suspicious activity. Weapons and ammunition can be purchased immediately at major retail stores, for your personal protection.
On the Scene Report 3 – The alien spacecraft has issued a message that has been encrypted by our security forces.  “We come in peace and wish to assist you. We offer new ways to help you obtain food for your homeless species.” Do not consider from these words that the threat to our community is over. I repeat, we cannot trust these intruders.
Final On the Scene Report – A few minutes ago, a local citizen team attempted to secure the mystery space vehicle. As the occupants of the vessel were attempting to exit the spacecraft , carrying suspicious bags in their possession, the safety of these officials was considered to be threatened. All of the aliens were then killed in the line of duty. It was also reported that several commuter onlookers surrounding the scene were shot in the confusion. Please note that tonight’s football game between the Butcherers and the Annihilators at the arena will not be delayed
Implications for the Political Arena
Boys brandish guns to defend their macho manhood, Hunters shoot animals for sport but innocent animals cannot fire back. Our prisons overflow with violent prisoners who have no conscience for their malicious actions. When are people going to realize that our public servants will not bring an end to such savagery as long as they glorify aggression and hate at the expense of a peaceful mankind. It seems necessary for us to examine the possibilities of an outer world in the blue sky above as an answer to this question.

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  1. I liked the vintage Sci-Fi feel your story has.

    For disagreement (so hard) I would say that there was some contradiction when using guns to obtain food did not seem to be considered killing. Am I misunderstanding?


    1. That is one matter of difference. Also if these aliens were peaceful and did not know that the gun was used to kill, then why would the earthlings kill them in the end? Agree or disagree with their actions.

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      1. I think I assumed (and I know that’s not a good idea) that since the aliens knew what the gun was, they knew what it was used for. I guess I disagree. ughhh.


  2. I really enjoyed this! It doesn’t seem too far-fetched a conjecture in my mind, given the current er…state of things. As per your last point, I feel that finding another world with intelligent life, or at least apparently sentient beings like ourselves, would only inflate mankind’s state of suspicion, and be met with yet more aggression in response – both internally (looting and such, in preparation for “doomsday”) and externally (preemptive strikes against a possible threat). So maybe it’s for the best we think we’re alone for now.


  3. This story is amazing and creative. To disagree though, I found the idea of killing the aliens just because of their suspicious bags very disrespectful – why couldn’t they just arrest them? (Yikes, put forward a disagreement , phew!) 🙂


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