Traveling Again: Think Star Trek

“ Our species can only survive if we have obstacles to overcome. Without them to strengthen us, we will weaken and die.” (James T. Kirk -Starship Enterprise)

Many people perceive travel as the ideal way to escape impending self crises in life. After all, the average American today receives less than two weeks paid vacation time for the entire year. So why not dream in terms of paradise fulfillment where your current concerns with tense work obligations and credit card debt can simply go away? But let us pause to ponder before you book that next island resort “getaway”, road trip adventure, or amusement park holiday! For consider what has Covid taught us about our pursuit of quality of life” matters! Perhaps a bit of science fiction can help us to understand a new belief paradigm in bettering ourselves as a living species as we focus below on experiencing futuristic settings amid other worlds. Let us consider then several excerpts below from the original TV productions of Star Trek. I challenge you to think deeply then about each TV “trailer” that follows to come up with fresh ways to engage in your future journeys for the benefit of not only yourself but the greater good of all humankind. I would love to engage in further conversations with my readers regarding such matters. Just click on the URL linkages to watch each episode below.

1.How might we act more effectively when traveling to mass crowd situations? Episode – “Return To Tomorrow” – February 9,1968

2. How might our travels help us sustain the natural order of life that seems increasingly threatened by overpopulation and climate change today? Episode – “Trouble With Tribbles” – December 29,1967

3. How can our travels promote actions of peace amid politically polarizing times? Episode – “ Devil In The Dark” – March 9,1967

4.How might we adapt our travels to accentuate our humanness amid technology’s  escalating presence in our daily lives? Episode – “The Ultimate Computer” – March 8, 1968

8 thoughts on “Traveling Again: Think Star Trek

  1. These are some very deep and interesting questions, thank you so much for sharing. It’s true that the average person views travel and getaways as an escape from all of life’s strife and worries. This post gave me numerous different perspectives on the issue though – many I hadn’t considered before so I really appreciate you sharing this.


    • I travel for family. To spend time with them and to see them since most of them live in England. I don’t enjoy traveling that much so I definitely mostly just do it for the necesity of seeing my loved ones rather than for amusement. My family is split across two different countries since most of my sisters live in London and I live here with my other sister in NL.

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