Road Trip Entry # 2 – No Runaway Intended

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass”. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” (Vivian Greene)

As Ruth and I began this summer’s road trip, we faced the distressing reality of being confined in our motel room in St. Petersburg to wait out Hurricane Elsa’s slow arrival on the Tampa Bay region of Central Florida. After all, the experts on the “Weather Channel” seemed to know best about the projected path of a hurricane. Did they though? Ultimately I discarded such fears and reasoned that Ruth and I would be capable of making a rational decision ourselves about how and when to make hurricane preparation and shelter arrangements safely if needed. No, we weren’t planning to “ride the waves” on our surfboards as the tidal surge expected to occur along this storm vulnerable coastal setting. But we did find some excellent ways to pass the time in less daring fashion as Elsa drew closer that day.

I most certainly would never would taken the opportunity to see my drummer friend Steve at last Sunday’s outdoor concert if  I had worried about being drenched by rain that day.
As I observed convoys of emergency relief vehicles driving north along I-75 on Monday, I began to think of alternative ways to spend our time in St.Petersburg, Florida.
Since there would be little chance of a weather postponement at domed Tropicana Field, we bought tickets for a an Indians/Rays game.
We also took time for a quiet morning walk along the Tampa Bay shoreline at Fort DeSoto State Park.
Spotting the majestic Sunshine State Skyway from DeSoto Beach State Park, I felt inspired to pose for this photo.
Amid the silence of these deserted beaches, the shrill calls of these sea birds captured our attention.
At breakfast and dinner time in this Hospitality Room of our historic inn stay, we shared exciting moments of travel with other booked guests at leisure.
As the skies turned black in late Tuesday afternoon, we made the correct decision to shelter safely then inside our room.
Those ominous predictions by the Weather Channel of Elsa’s life threatening wrath seemed totally off the mark” in St. Pete as I awoke to sunny blue skies today.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip Entry # 2 – No Runaway Intended

  1. I am glad to hear that hurricane Elsa hasn’t ruined your travel plans, but seeing such a large convoy of emergency relief vehicles driving along the road must make your mind wander about all the possible outcomes. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xxx


  2. I’m glad that you found other ways to enjoy your stay despite the weather. Morning walks are indeed always pleasurable and nothing beats going to see a good game. By the way, I’ve taken down that Vivian Greene quote – I really like it.


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