Road Trip Entry # 3 -Flight Into Artistic Fantasy

“Today you explore the art of dreaming that leads to all truths.”(Salvador Dali)

Ruth and I emerged safely from the threat of Tropical Storm Elsa traveling north along Florida’s west coast earlier this week. The timing thus felt right for us to visit the renowned Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg which would reopen Thursday after the storm’s passing. Keep in mind that I’m not normally a big fan of abstract artwork such as the eclectic expressions of “Surrealism”or “Cubism”. Quite truthfully, I often just stare at such works in a confusing “funk”.

But I have to admit that emotions of sadness, anger, and joy noticeably spiked in me upon spending extended time gazing amid Dali’s “imaginative portrayals of his interesting life at this uniquely modern looking museum. So take an inner flight into Dali’s shocking artistic fantasy yourself. As you view each of the following art-pieces, how might your emotions similarly “play out” here as you analyze what these visual complexities seems to be saying? We next travel to the rural environs of Leesburg in Central Florida to find “Tiny House” seclusion along a wildlife teeming lake.

Dali Futuristic Exterior
Dali Open Air Interior
Dali Self Portrait
Portrait Of My Sister
Portrait Of My Dead Brother
The Bather
The First Days Of Spring
The Average Bureaucrat
Apparatus And Hand
Fantasies Diurnes
Shades Of Night Descending
Memory Of The Child Woman
The Three Ages
A Hallucinogenic Toreador

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