Road Trip Entry # 4 – Canopy Contentment

“Study Nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Ruth and I found a much needed rural slowdown nearby Leesburg, Florida on our summer road trip this past weekend. In the following paragraphs, I hope you will feel a sense of serenity that we experienced at this time. Enjoy the photos.

We’ve entered a fascinating habitat dominated by massive Live Oak, Cypress, and Magnolia trees dripping with Spanish Moss. They seem to form a shaded corridor for us to pass through on our way to this upcoming weekend getaway along a tranquil flowing stream. After settling into an Air B&B rental, a “ tiny house”, I move outside to a covered wooden patio with descending steps. I follow them to the water’s edge. As I take a seat on a sturdy bench below the drooping green canopy of ancient trees above my head, I begin to notice the beautiful presence of birdlife lounging on both sides of the riverbank. They seem to be patiently waiting for food oblivious to the presence of humans.

With my curiosity aroused, I scan the riverbanks in more detail with my binoculars hoping to to spot an alligator or snake. A small fishing boat floats by to distract my attention. A bare chested angler intently casts his rod where the waters flow more rapidly. Within a few minutes, he jerks his pole and lands a large fish. I now struggle in my mind about whether I should get “down and dirty” and similarly tame wild nature as the fisherman has so successfully done today. Perhaps the little green gecko who just tickled my foot as it briskly scurries by will give me a clue to a satisfying answer.

In late afternoon, it begins to rain and I return to the shaded protection of the patio. The river no longer commands my attention as I notice how comfortably I feel with the raindrops gently “pattering” atop this canopy of trees. This steamy hot day pleasantly vanishes as I slowly inhale the cool rush of fresh air brushing my face. I suddenly feel no urge to move. Mission accomplished. I’ve learned the deeply sought art of how to relax.

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