Road Trip Entry #5 – Sensible Southern Discovery

“POW 369, I should salute you from this heart of mine and thank you for placing your life on the line.” (Darryl Worley)

In June, Ruth and I booked a three night, road trip stay at Lake Blacksheer Resort and Country Club at a remote spot in Southwestern Georgia off of I-75. For an online tourist promotion we had read earlier that month interested us in Blacksheer’s remote rural setting along a picturesque freshwater lake with plentiful tree cover and a public use marina. Thus this seemingly ideal getaway visit provided us hopes for some spirited, water recreational play. But as we began our stay with a brief stroll around the spacious resort grounds, any visions of relaxing kayak/ canoe trips surprisingly vanished away. For how could we have anticipated beforehand that hordes of tiny black insects would incessantly attack our sweaty bodies on this breezeless summer day? It furthermore seemed that anytime we exited our apartment day or night, fierce itching and swatting of these annoying pests would inevitably continue. In retrospect, we should have brought some strong insect repellent for this visit.

Thus in typical Plan B fashion, I suggested to Ruth that we avoid the relentless summer heat/bug invasion and instead plan some country road excursions on the two following days of our Blacksheer stay. So our primary destination on Tuesday would take place at the Andersonville National Visitor Center in Southwestern Georgia. This iconic landmark featured the remnants of a large Civil War prison camp, military cemetery and the National Prisoner of War (POW) Museum. With deep sadness, my initial impression of this facility raised the question of why POW soldiers from the Union army were so cruelly incarcerated during those war years at Andersonville by their Confederate enemies upon capture? Of notable interest to me as well was a captivating collection of POW soldier stories/artifacts from actual enemy captures in past American wars. Exiting the museum, we then drove around the loop road of the infamous 1864 Andersonville Prison grounds marking the spot where thousands of POWs had perished during the war. My next blog will take place in Plains, Georgia, birthplace and present home of former President Jimmy Carter. Enjoy the photos

An inviting view of Lake Blacksheer from our patio.
Two views of the villa lodging units opposite the lake.
Notice the absence of human activity at the Blacksheer marina. Only bugs.
Unusual strands of Cypress vegetation encircled Blacksheer Lake .
An unassuming front entrance to Andersonville National Park.
Museum display depicting three famous POW tragedies throughout history.
An official American seal of the POW tragedy.
A 3-D representation of a wartime POW brooding over his fate in solitary confinement.
Cemetery layout in notable rows of military precision.
An overview look at the infamous Andersonville Prison site.
The tragic valley of doom which incarcerated POW Union soldiers within this small field perimeter.

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