Road Trip Entry # 7 – Finding “Easy Beat” New Orleans

“Don’t you just love those long rainy afternoons in New Orleans when an hour isn’t just an hour -but a little piece of eternity dropped into your hands – and who know what to do with it?” (Tennessee Williams”

Ruth and I now began the major city portion of our summer road trip with a three day visit to New Orleans. For good reason, this diversely populated metropolis has been referred to as “The Big Easy.” Forget then the maniacal carnival atmosphere of Mardi Gras in March. I seemed more excited that we pursued carefree non-exertion on this visit anywhere else but Bourbon Street around town. For example, consider our decision to forego the use of our car and lazily embark on the slow moving St. Charles Streetcar system whenever we wanted. Or imagine those extended moments of meditative silence as we idly gazed at the summer rain gently falling from a lunch cafe patio. What a perfect setting to savor a filling Po’ Boy sandwich or tasty fried beignet! Picture us curiously entering as well a sultry jazz club along Frenchman Street absorbing the intoxicating beat of the band while nothing else seems to matter.

But let’s get real! There’s plenty to do in New Orleans whether you go slow or not. So my best advice for you when visiting New Orleans would be to just trust your instincts and do what feels best at the desired pace you set. What destinations shown in the following photographic display might interest your New Orleans vacation? Our road trip continues next on Sunday for three very hot days in Houston Texas.

A view of our Air B&B duplex from uptown Hickory Road.
No worries about dodging potholes in the road. They just helped me more to slow down.
The exterior and interior beautification of this quaint unit enhanced our most comfortable stay.
As we walked four blocks from our apartment to the St. Charles Streetcar line, I noticed this interesting chapel.
We waited patiently at this picturesque looking stop for the streetcar to arrive.
Just get on and pay your 75 cents and enjoy the ride to downtown.
Traveling through the elegant Garden district, we spotted magnificent mansions on both sides of St. Charles Avenue.
Notice the Mardi Gras beads hanging from this old tree.
At sundown, we enjoyed a relaxing stroll in Audubon Park.
Here’s the oldest tree in Audubon Park that was planted in 1884.
Across the street from Audubon, I spotted the main campus of Tulane University.
We reserved the entire second day of our visit to tour the massive World War II Museum.
Before entering the museum, some impressive monuments from the 1941-1945 era caught my eye.
The museum visit itself featured “virtual reality” enhancements of what wartime times felt like in both the Asian and European theaters of World War II conflict.
Avoiding the crowds in the French Quarter downtown, we instead opted for a slow walk along the shores of the Mississippi River.
These two eye catching murals captured the easygoing essence of New Orleans to me.
If you plan on buying a beignet at the famous Cafe Du Monde, be prepared to wait awhile.
A local favorite spot for street fun and music club hopping in New Orleans takes place along Frenchman Street.
So we enjoyed a lively jazz set featuring the all girl, “Shake Em Up Jazz Band” at the Spotted Cat Music Club.

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