Road Trip Entry #8-Howdy Houston Hubbub

“There is a vastness here and I believe that the people who are born here breathe that vastness into their soul.They dream big dreams and think big thoughts because there is nothing to hem them in.” (Conrad Hilton)

In visiting Houston on this summer road trip, we needed to cope with a faster pace and cover more ground. After all, greater Houston has spread out in the vast state of Texas to become the fourth most populated city in the United States today. In fact, Houston strives to be bigger in many other ways as well. Witness giant skyscrapers springing up from the oil boom in Texas downtown. Notice that nineteen museums lie within the boundaries of Central Houston in  Hermann Park. Observe that new sports arenas covered by massive retractable roofs attract full capacity crowds for football and baseball. Picture a complex maze of superhighway connections radiating throughout the city to relieve “congested” gridlock conditions throughout the day. Daydream about a system of glassy indoor tubes flowing from building to building to handle pedestrian movement during each hectic work day downtown.

So as we adapted to these complexities of this rapidly growing city, our three day road trip visit to the Houston vicinity went reasonably well. For we first realized that finding an Air B&B unit conveniently south of downtown would become a key asset to saving driving time each day. Since the summer heat and humidity factor of Texas also weighed heavily on our minds, a “cool down” excursion to an accessible beach seemed additionally important to manage our time. Notice in the following photo set how “living in the fast lane” of Houston actually played little part in our activity choices during this brief stay. My next blog will be written about our first time visit to Wichita, Kansas.

A slow drive around Rice University’s stately main campus provided a pleasing respite from the surrounding bustle of nearby downtown Houston.
The long “greenspace” of Buffalo Bayou Park served as another place for us to “tune out” from the urban frenzy of center city Houston.
Driving by the workshop yard of David Adickes Studio, we spotted these gigantic statues of U.S. Presidents and other celebrities.
Traveling one hour south of Houston to Seabrook Beach along Galveston Bay, I took a relaxing swim in these very warm waters.
We relived memories of counterculture times in the late 1960s with a little hippie clothes shopping at this surviving vintage store.
You might even say that vestiges of that youth protest movement live on today in this shocking city poster.
This statue of former Chief of Staff White House James Baker caught my eye as a featured landmark at Sesquicentennial Park downtown.
I once gazed in awe at the Houston Astrodome over fifty years ago when it represented a futuristic vision for Major League Baseball stadium construction. Now it lies aging and dormant.
The new stadium at Minute Maid Park provided a new baseball escape for Ruth and I on our Houston visit.

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