Road Trip Entry # 9 – Take Me Home Kansas

“Each horizon, each place, holds its own evolutionary power be it the prairies, the mountains, or the marshes of Great Salt Lake. For me the nature of peace. Our task is to learn how to see it, feel it, hear it, and care for these places as our own home ground.” (Terri Tempest Williams)

Ruth and I begin today an unexpected road trip stay in the Great Plains flatlands of Wichita, Kansas. Being over 1600 miles away from South Florida, how might I transform this Wichita experience into the comforting feeling of being home? To motivate myself to achieve such an inspiration, I think of Dorothy’s Kansas wish in the famed Wizard of Oz movie that “that there’s no place like home.” She possesses the magical power at that pivotal moment in the story to go back from “The Land of Oz” to her loving family on a Kansas farm.

So I similarly set out with Ruth on two weekend mornings in distant Wichita to similarly remind myself of a home spirit that speaks to me as I choose. I notice for example how the Plains Indians of Kansas fully embrace nature’s blessings as their homeland and main source of spiritual power. Perhaps I might similarly reflect back from this Kansas stay to my happy childhood home in Akron, Ohio, frolicking freely amid its dense forest wilds. Might Wichita also means imagining again my four year dedication to academic excellence during my on-campus days at the University of South Florida. I must also consider Wichita reminders of a “home away from home” lifestyle with my loving wife from almost fifty years of global travel. So as you observe the following photographs, notice how this unpretentious town in the American Midwest seems for USFMAN the ideal spot to engage in such a home driven spirit. We’ll be traveling on our summer road trip next to Kansas City Missouri next for some juicy barbecue, Royals baseball, and jazzy blues.

Our Air B&B studio provides a home filled refuge to relax with a cozy interior and inviting backyard.
Wichita’s “Keeper of the Plains” monument evokes vivid images of Plains Indians worship of this special spot at the junction of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers as their sacred home.
At the Museum of World Treasures, I surround myself again with historic heroes of the past who inspired me to leave my family and transition into an on- campus home at the University of South Florida to seriously pursue a well rounded education.
A timely visit to Old Town Wichita provides pleasurable memories of the small town of my Ohio childhood where friendly neighbors shared good times with each other so often.
I miss being “petless” at home now as we travel regularly and thus share my presence with some lonely birds during a short visit to the Kansas Wildlife Center.
An unforeseen visit to Amish Country in Yoder, Kansas stimulates self- reminders about several simple pleasures that one can enjoy at home.

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