Road Trip Entry #11- Chicago Dreamland

“ Chicago, mistress of the lakes, controller of our inland trade, the freest city of our states, what wondrous strides thy fame has made.” (Charles Frederick White)

Sometimes on our road trips, it’s just good luck that prevails. So as we continued our journey into the great city of Chicago, a fortuitous combination of cooler weather off Lake Michigan, a convenient Air B&B location , and several delightfully relaxing destinations downtown fulfilled our touristic expectations with spectacular success this weekend. By making  heavy use of the green/red lines of the Chicago Transit system (CTA) each day as our strategic point to/from the famed “loop” downtown, we could also also enjoy a four day break from driving our car.

So in particular, what about this latest Chicago visit most impressed me this time? I once saw a remake of a silent film made in 1927 called “Metropolis.” In this German science fiction saga, a place of vertical wonderment unfolded as massive skyscrapers rose steeply upward as vehicles whisked speedily between them along airborne  passageways. Such a futuristic urban scene would resonate strongly again with me  as I gazed upward at so many tall buildings of unique vertical design  situated along our Chicago River Boat tour route. It seems likely then that such innovative architectural success in Chicago downtown bodes well for a “Metropolis” future look of highways ascending into the sky. 

In addition to looking forward to this fantastical future, I must mention that time travel images of the past seemed equally noticeable on this Chicago road trip. Thus, I became excited in realizing  that our latest  Air B&B unit would take  place in a late 19th century, Victorian  mansion amidst the famous Frank Lloyd Wright district of Oak Park. From this pleasing location, we found ample opportunity to admire many of these homes that were uniquely designed by this famed architect  on our morning neighborhood strolls. As we took time on these walks to engage in friendly “chit chat” with a few passing strangers, I envisioned past Victorian times in Oak Park as an easygoing  paradise when informal  neighborhood  gatherings and close family connections  ruled the cultural landscape there. In addition, I  pictured our next day excursion to  Wrigley Field’s old time setting for a daytime Cubs game as further historic proof  that  this “grand old game” in America similarly sparks hope for goodness in the spirit of human gathering as well.

So take a look for yourself in the following photos. How do these three, iconic settings in Chicago trigger any thoughts of time shifting backwards or forwards for you?  We next travel to the picturesque, Germantown district of Columbus, Ohio for our sixth Air B&B stay of this vacation. Be well.

3 thoughts on “Road Trip Entry #11- Chicago Dreamland

  1. Chicago has so much to offer and staying out in the suburbs, Oak Park added a lot to our stay and saved us a lot of money. The transit is $5 for an all day pass! No $45 a night to park your car at the hotel in the city with a room at least double our AirBNB!

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