Transcending Transport Call

“To live on a day-to-day basis is insufficient. We need to transcend, transport, escape… to rise above our immediate surroundings and see the beauty and value of the world we live in.” (Oliver Sacks

Have you ever noticed how dogs when traveling in moving vehicles with their owners love to stick their head out an open window? As they close their eyes and feel the breeze caress their face, it’s apparent to me that they wholeheartedly enjoy this present moment experience. So dogs teach us that there’s much more than time and distance involved in moving from place to place. For in such freedom of movement, our more advanced human mind seems capable of finding goodness in ourselves and the greater world surrounding us each day.

To what extent then does our vehicular choice accentuate such sensations of positive virtue during our daily mobility rituals? Notice for example how you feel when making the sometimes difficult decision about whether to use public transportation or one’s private vehicle when touring amid an urbanized environment. Or consider a favorite time period of your past life as a motivating factor in the look of your car. Perhaps a fun hobby as well strikes your fancy. So as you view the following road trip images of transport distinction, notice the suggested sensations of a positive nature that arise. 

Stick your head out of the car window and think like a dog.
It’s important I find romance in the air.
Today I choose a slower paced travel day.
I really love the look of a L.L. Bean Shoe. Let’s shop awhile.
What’s wrong with a little physical exertion today?
Those “Happy Days” of my youth will return.
It’s important I experience like the “locals” do today.
Let us join together as one in fair treatment for all.
Peace and Love” to all “Bro.”
There’s hard work ahead on the farm.
I’d love to make it home on time.
I feel a deep connection with wild animals.
Pardon me. I must escape from the maddening crowd.
It’ll be nice to get lost on a tour today.
Still runs. Who cares?
Over here. I’m pretty!

6 thoughts on “Transcending Transport Call

  1. Yes, usfman, it is wonderful that we have so many modes of transport available. There are some that are moved with muscle power, like a rischka or a draisine. Then we have some with animals, like horse-drawn sleighs or those that are driven by the wind, like sailing boats. There are so many possibilities!
    Thanks for showing great photos of vehicles! I would like to take the hippie bus one day!
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…

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