Turning Around Florida Regret

“Have I thought long to see this morning’s face? And doth it give me such a sight as this?”(William Shakespeare)

As I awaken each morning these days, I ponder deeply about why I live in Florida, one of the most unhealthy states in America today. How is that? Know then that the Delta variant of COVID now runs rampant throughout the “Sunshine State”, with daily averages of over 26,000 cases and nearly 200 deaths being reported recently by the C.D.C. With only 51.7 % of the reported state’s residents report being fully vaccinated, the task of determining who’s wearing a mask indoors thus continues to linger as a perplexing problem in dealing with stranger encounters each day. Consider as well that the state’s “go ahead” to open mass entertainment venues like stadiums and concert halls remains a risky endeavor as one does not know whether the persons sitting around you have been vaccinated or not.

Meanwhile, those who exhibit serious signs of COVID illness wait lengthy amounts of time for oxygen and other critical care treatments in overcrowded, emergency room conditions. Shortages of life savings medicines at supply depositories means that local pharmacies and hospitals might run out of these life saving drugs to combat this escalating COVID crisis in the future. As a result, several major hospitals are also running out of space for their morgues. So why does our governor seem perfectly willing to politicize his COVID leadership in a state that’s compiled over 3,000,000 cases to date by penalizing counties with budget cuts who mandate masking requirements in the schools? As this catchy saying goes , why can’t we just “Save the Drama for Mama”, as when my 94 year old mother most needs extra support from her son?

So under these dire circumstances, how might I best cope with lingering self regret about living in Florida now? Perhaps I could fill up my days with risk filled events and possibly endanger the health of myself, friends, family, and those in the community at large. Or might I escape to nostalgic places from my past on vacation to more satisfactorily spend my time. In contrast, I could also dream up grandiose plans for my future while remaining a sedentary figure in the air conditioned comfort of my home. However, I seem to be most interested on this Friday to tapping into my intuitive nature and thus find a more motivating  way to deal with my current Florida dissatisfaction. For by visualizing positive thoughts as I encounter specific scenarios in the present moment, I hope that such a negative “funk” about my  home environs here will subside. So take a look at the following photo/self-mantra pairings. To what extent does each of the image impressions seem most relevant to your own life right now?





Colorful scenes of wild nature makes my mind and body feel alive and well.
Observing sky, sun, land, and water unite brings peace to my life.
I plunge into deep waters and wash away my fears.
When I’m squeezed like an orange, only goodness comes out.
Where I step today can never be wrong.
Life blossoms in the presence of my smile.
In the struggle for life, my actions benefit all.
I see beauty in every living thing.
On the shifting sands of time, I will always find solid ground to grow.
Open the door to my music and let me in.
Punt away my fears as far away as I can.
Feed my soul often ; not my stomach.
I ascend to the sky in new heights of health and happiness.

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