Wandering Famously 3

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”(Mahatma Gandhi)

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” (Henry David Thoreau)

Our All Star Road Trip now reached its third week as we made our way north on Interstate 25 from Fort Collins, Colorado. For some intuitive reason, I strongly felt the need to show my iconic cast of historic figures what country life was like amid the wide open spaces of Wyoming. So we slowed down our travel pace and made our way westward along backroads into Jackstown, our next destination. How fun it would seem to observe their honest impressions of this authentic western town over the weekend as time travelers comparing their accustomed past to now.

Yet I soon experienced some skepticism about this choice as I discovered a popular gun show would be beginning in Jackstown on this busy weekend of our arrival. For it seemed that we might have walked right into a potentially dangerous situation as I observed hordes of armed gun rights advocates lingering in mass along Old Town Square. As we gathered together for a hearty breakfast at the Horse – Collar Diner the next morning, my premeditated unease about this visit no doubt would remain. For I suddenly heard shots across the street at the main entrance to Town Square. Within a few minutes, a panic crisis unfolded when local police rushed into cordon off the Town Square vicinity, causing hundreds of panic stricken people to spill out on busy Main Street then.

So as I continued to watch the chaos unfolding from our breakfast seating window, a sudden thought crossed my mind that our group should seize the moment now to restore some much needed peace to Jackstown. For each of my esteemed companions, without question, had efficiently practiced social activism in some form through performing their craft in the past. So it was with no surprise that each of them wholeheartedly agreed with my new proposal. My thoughts now turned to finding suitable a time and place where we could expediently resolve this potential riot crisis, in Jackstown today.

Fortunately for us, an opportunity to act quickly surfaced thirty minutes later as I listen to local gossip that the annual town ceremony for “Veterans of Past Wars” would be drawing a large crowd of “undesirables” in the town arena at 6:30 pm. tonight. Assuming the free public event would go on as scheduled, I desperately sought speedy approval from the town council so I could manageably arrange our stage setup assistance for us to participate at tonight’s gala event. So while we waited for for the official “go-ahead , I discussed with each of the group members a performance “for the ages” where each of them would accept the challenge of convincing this tough crowd to “stand down” for peace.

So in this proposed agenda of All Star unity at work, our charismatic Mr. Morrison would step on stage first remembering to forget his wild antics tonight and perform a softer acoustic setlist of late 1960 songs from his “Doors” repertoire. Mr. Monet’s turn would come next as he moved toward a podium to honor those superlative images of tranquil countryside that he painted in the 19th century. I can sense that this often stubborn artist would be astonished  to know that these iconic works of “Impressionistic” design could be flashed on a giant, electronic screen behind the stage as props when he spoke. The grand finale of our appearance would now take place as the eloquent words of Mr Thoreau and Mr. Gandhi  resonated powerfully throughout the venue. For each of these “larger than life” figures would captivate the audience by reliving those emotionally gripping episodes in their lives of unselfish, self- sacrifice and peaceful “ Civil Disobedience” then.

Yet such a masterful performance of my road trip companions remains dormant in my mind as I will never know if they ever succeeded in restoring peace to Jackstown. For how wrong  it seemed that my imaginative dream would abruptly switch off to 2021 again as I awoke the next morning to witness only the sights and sounds of daily life chatter.

So what have I learned most concerning my intimate encounters with these time travel heroes from the past? Know then that it’s been no accident of fate that these four historic men wandered into my dreams to “lend a hand” for peace. For by serving as powerful role models for me in my intuitive memories, they’ve given me a “better grip” in handling the contentious negative behaviors festering in my country today. So for every instance of intense confrontation involving hatred and bigotry I experience in the future, I would gladly “shoot” each of them a warm peace sign “in a flash.”

6 thoughts on “Wandering Famously 3

  1. What an extraordinary group visited you! Each very impressive in his own way.I wonder though… if Jim Morrison gained a bit more wisdom this time around. He was much too young, I think, to handle his fame and inquisitive mind during his time on earth. But oh that voice… and those magical words…
    rebels do what they must…
    This was quite an enchanting blog, Jim. I very much enjoyed it. ✌️☮️


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