Embracing Snow Globe Learnings

Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.”(Confucius)

In the center of our living room lies a tall cabinet displaying souvenir trinket items purchased in our last thirty years of travel. Occasionally, I will take a casual glance at these nostalgic collectibles as a reminder to include sites to visit or revisit for our upcoming wanderings. So why did I fixate last week on three, cheap snow globes on one shelf of seemingly of little personal value?

Know then the importance of a snow globe reference used in a a Zoom lecture I observed last week about  “The Mystical Core of Religious Traditions. For I learned then that the simple act of shaking a snow globe could be used as a metaphor for attaining greater self awareness. To understand where I am heading, imagine your own brain functioning like a snow globe that at times gets mixed up by petty life distractions. Yet as our focus on external matters floats away from our conscious mind, we discover strong energy to love life, ourselves, and others residing within our inner soul.

So let’s practice giving our senses a break from thinking too much about the the outside world in “snow globe” fashion. For let us try this simple meditation experiment. Select one of my foggy travel photos at the bottom of this blog. Try to memorize important details and gather associated feelings impressions as you observe this setting. While it’s logical that the  scene might initially seem to resonate some inner discomfort because of the dark and dreary overcast, be open to the idea that this negative state of mind might only be temporary.

Now sit down in a quiet place. With your eyes closed, be silent, and simply “let yourself go.” Maintain a slow and easy pace to your breath for a few minutes if you can. Begin to recreate this photo in your mind. Perhaps you might even imagine what it might feel like being trapped in this foggy weather setting within a giant snow globe. Now feel these tiny particles of mist gently falling to the ground around your body. Inhale deeply some fresh cool air. Your vision no longer seems obscured  by such a gloomy haze. As this takes place, notice any new sensations arising from beyond the descending fog. Do you feel more relaxed or happy? Have any pleasing colors, shapes, or other images surfaced in your mind? Any fond memories of the past pop up now? I’d be very interested to hear from you about such self wisdoms that you experienced then.

Source: The Interfaith Center at Miami, Ohio University 


10 thoughts on “Embracing Snow Globe Learnings

  1. Given the nature of our local haze of late, I’m assuming fog as opposed to smoke. Regardless, I would be cheating to use that first one. I know where it goes.
    So I settled on the second one. I’m friends with the snow. And the fog merely encourages a slower form of more direct experience, away from the mere symbolic connection that phone line implies. So the question is just whether or not the ice on the lake could support my weight… perhaps on skis?


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