Autumn 2021 Roadtrip (Down The Old Road)

“This is how you have adventures. You find cool things and you do them…You don’t just read books about them. ( Jonathan King)

I typically spend a considerable amount of time researching new sites to visit in the months ahead of our road trips. So while our stopover destinations remain somewhat fixed in my mind, I’ve identified ahead of time over thirty additional places to visit in the western state region along the way. How many of them we actually visit, however, seems to present a formidable challenge to accomplish.

So it seems that just one road trip crisis would force me to face facts that we would not be seeing so many of these interesting spots that I so diligently found. For an alarming laryngitis ailment meant taking a COVID test (which thankfully turned out negative), while spending lots of time in motel rooms sucking on cough drops and watching meaningless cable TV show for days at a time.

So while I’m a bit behind in reporting the progress of our trip to date, I fully intend to let you know perhaps on a less ambitious scale of what we’ve seen so far. For this entry, consider then our historic trip back in time en route to the Los Angeles vicinity. Notice my latest photo set taken as we passed through “Old Route 66” towns of Williams/Kingman, Arizona and Victorville , California. For these authentic images provide plenty of evidence of what motorized travel along the”Mother Road” used to be.

Imagine  our first taste of a homemade root beer, thick milkshake, or luscious onion ring stack at a local diner. Picture the exhilaration felt in hearing “Old Route 66” stories told to us by a longtime trucker sitting nearby at the lunch counter. Take a captivating glimpse at authentic memorabilia from these early days of car travel at Kingman’s historic Route 66 Museum.

9 thoughts on “Autumn 2021 Roadtrip (Down The Old Road)

  1. Great post and such beautiful and sunny photos. As we live in Ireland where we don’t get to see the blue sky very often, I am always fascinated by the places where it’s a regular occurrence. That’s why I would love to drive the iconic route 66 – is there anything better than crossing eight states and three time zones all while immersing yourself in an endless amount of cities, national parks and tourist attractions? Thanks for sharing and inspiring 🙂 Aiva xx?


  2. Howdy James!

    Man, illness in the middle of a trip is such a bummer. I’m glad to see y’all soldiering on, though… and glad it wasn’t #COVID19. Nowadays, every little tickle sets off the alarms, doesn’t it?



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