Autumn 2021 Roadtrip (An “Oscar” Worthy Museum) 

“If you can’t believe a little in what you see on the screen, it’s not worth wasting your time on cinema.” (Serge Daney)

I’ve often been inspired about how to lead my life by watching movies. For Hollywood bred heroes like Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, and Tom Hanks  convince me as movie role models to believe what I see on screen. So it’s logical that during each past road trip visit to the Los Angeles region, I typically bask in movie stardom. Yes, we’ve done the “Walk of Fame” on Hollywood and Vine, taken backlot tours of various movie studios, and gazed with wonder at exclusive mansions of past/present celebrities during tram tours in “ritzy” Beverly Hills. So on our latest SoCal. roadtrip visit in early October, I felt excited to  visit to the brand new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, a sprawling, three story exhibition hall along star-studded Wilshire Boulevard near downtown Hollywood.

Observe that this building house the largest museum of filmmaking in the United States. For you can absorb your movie passion well there, whether it’s film directing, screenwriting scripts, “animation design, old time cinematogaphy, costume design, or special effects. As for me, I opted to spend the bulk of my time wandering around exhibits of “Oscar” worthy, film memorabilia from the historic past. I also enjoyed panoramic backdrops of the the greater Hollywood vicinity from the outdoor patio and obtained as well a good look at the famed Hollywood sign prominently displayed north of the city. So if you like movies, this wondrous showcase of movie evolution might be the place to start your Hollywood tour.

Front view of Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
We entered the museum in the rear of the complex
A life sized “Oscar” posing as a mannequin caught my eye
I’m gazing at the Hollywood panorama from the rear patio of the museum
Spin these dials and a 3-D film segment appears
The illusions of Pixar animated realism can also be achieved by revolving this carousel
A giant “Jaws shark hangs in the hallway outside a gallery entrance
“What’s Up, Doc?”
I enjoyed watching clips of past “Oscar” ceremonies here
Frank Sinatra in his early film days
Midnight Cowboy film once mislabeled as rated X
R2-D2 robot in Star Wars
2001 Space Odyssey suit
Promo for the Wizard of Oz in 1939
Dorothy’s famous Red Shoes in the Wizard of Oz
I’m imagining following the Wizard of Oz characters along the “Yellow Brick Road“
Original Wizard of Oz casting shots with Judy Garland, Bert Lahr, and Buddy Ebsen.

4 thoughts on “Autumn 2021 Roadtrip (An “Oscar” Worthy Museum) 

  1. What a fun trip! There is nothing quite like movie magic! Of course, now that I have a son in the business I don’t quite look at things the same way. Even watching simple scenes in films I now notice things like placement of the extras, the lighting, and what is cgi. So it’s rarely just a movie to me. No, it doesn’t spoil the magic for me. I just know it took a long time to film and cost a lot of money to shoot. And I’m aware of all the folks working behind the scenes for our entertainment. It’s a fascinating process.
    Great photos.


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