2022: Good Choices in Progress?

“It’s not the imbalances of life that will get you down- it’s doing meaningless things that aren’t taking you where you want to go.”(Danielle La Porte)

The Honorable Father Time                                                                        December 29, 2021

Dear Father Time:

As the worldly wise leader of time’s passage, I am writing you today for an honest assessment of a most challenging quest for self fulfillment that I’ve experienced over the past year. You see, for each of those actions that I’ve taken to improve my life in 2021, there’s been an unintended “bounce back” of adversity to accompany such seemingly worthwhile actions. You might say I’m figuratively playing “yo-yo” with my life choices right now

You must know then I’m a person who values success in life from both a heart and mind perspective. For I’m both deeply spiritual in a non- organized religious way and yet quite respectful of objective fact and scientific truth concerning relevant issues in the world that surround me today. As you read further into this letter then, do you think then I’m just “spinning my wheels” to convince myself to look good in the precious years remaining in my life? Or might I obtain some tips from you that my latest struggles to change my ways contain worthwhile signs of positive avail? Allow me then to cite ten examples from 2021 for you to consider?

1. I managed to visit my mother more this year. However, I question the “quality time” achieved as so many of these family moments took place under the stressful circumstances of obligatory medical crisis, financial paperwork, and mindless shopping endeavors.

2. I ambitiously undertook an effort to add a podcast addition to my Word Press travel blogs. Yet I found the technical aspect of making my listening efforts sound professional to be an overwhelming and confusing burden on my time.

3. My wife Ruth and I managed to complete three, cross country road trips from South Florida this year while coping with the continuing COVID crisis successfully. Yet in all honesty, I deeply missed the enticing option of transatlantic cruises and/or a relaxing, long term stay in Paris last year.

4. Live sporting events returned for my enjoyment this year. But I felt dangerously at risk on those occasions as very few attendees chose to wear a mask for COVID protection. Will this trend continue?

5. I chose to engage more often on Facebook and other social media websites but so many of my friends and family refrained from using such electronic forms of communication. In particular, while I attempted to connect online for the first time in my life with family members on my late father’s side, my expectation of them returning my dialogue appeared to be wasted.

6. I attempted to expand my payment options for online shopping by activating a Pay Pal account. Yet on several occasions this year, I appeared to be hacked as I observed strange requests to send money to unauthorized sources via this method payment outlet.

7. I rode my bicycle more often this year as a relaxing leisure outlet. Yet finding open space places to avoid surrounding road traffic seemed difficult for me as several public parks nearby home closed due to COVID testing.

8. Live music returned throughout the country during our road trip travels. Regrettably, various concerts we booked on the secondary ticketing market along the way or at home were either cancelled or postponed due to COVID. Getting a credit or money back under those circumstances from Stub Hub and Ticketmaster proved difficult due to long delays in customer service and confusing refund ticket information posted online.

9. I stopped watching CNN and MSNBC television coverage in order to relieve my prolonged anger and stress resulting from Donald Trump’s divisive presence in the political arena. Yet the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, new state legislative restrictions on voting rights, and Trump’s potential return to power in 2024 continued to trouble me deeply throughout the year.

10. I maintained my practice of yoga and self meditation safely through “Zoom outlets.” Yet I often experienced fearful thoughts then of potential COVID risk for myself and my family/ friends.

I eagerly await your response to my inquiry.

With Regards,


11 thoughts on “2022: Good Choices in Progress?

  1. Howdy James!

    I share your sense of being a yoyo this year. It really felt like one step forward and two back. However, two stand out points:
    (1) Man, I wish you’d had your time in Paris — my favorite city in the world. It would’ve been sweet leisure there. Hopefully, this year.
    (2) The uncertainty of what is going to happen drives me nuts. I found Chris Hayes’ discussion of this point with Sherrilyn Ifill very helpful and illuminating.




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