How Do Doors Lead?

“Every opportunity you need is behind a door. How many doors are you willing to knock down?” (Sanita Belgrade)

As a curious minded traveler, I usually look forward to making sense of the mysteries encountered beyond doors. In stubborn pursuit of this task, I am well aware that doors function primarily to provide privacy and protection for occupants in structural design. Yet in a mysterious way, doors seem to serve as a gateway to life itself. For I choose to focus my thoughts now on what symbolic messages does a door provide about betterment of humankind or myself as I might boldly adventure inside an appealing portal’s path.

Imagine then if such a magical door could talk. What words of wisdom would they say to me as I entered? Perhaps the person (s) inside would greet me in a similarly positive way. The following poem of mine inspired by some inviting door photos from our recent travels might reveal one answer to this question.

Who enters my portal come dare to see        

I hear gentle rapping there’s no reason to flee

For foggy minds clear in trusting one’s fate

To visions of safe passing but never to hate

So go open the door and dust off your shoes

Feel breakaway beyond to end your blues

Come friend be humble for I take no side

For in my borderless world I’ve  got nothing to hide


Colmar, France – Musee Bartholdi
Halifax, Nova Scotia – Harbor Walk
Asheville, North Carolina – Grove Arcade
Key West, Florida – Fleming -O House
St. Petersburg, Florida – The Inn on Third
Seattle, Washington – Air B&B
Paris , France – Shakespeare & Company Book Shop
London, England – Hair Salon
St. John’s, New Brunswick Canada – Cruise Excursion
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio- My Birthplace House
Agra, India – Taj Mahal Entrance
New Delhi, India- Isa Khan”s Tomb

5 thoughts on “How Do Doors Lead?

  1. What a wonderful collection of beautiful and colourful doors. Some doors are so enchanting to look at, and it seems that by walking through them you might enter a whole new dimension. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Wishing you and yours some well-deserved downtime and a very happy new year to come. Aiva 🙂 xx

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  2. I never thought of doors in such a philosophical way, where we all use doors daily. Yet, I never stopped and thought about the doors I been through or the doors I’m about to move towards.
    We constantly move towards new doors throughout our life, yet we remain within our constant doors. These are doors we are use to, yet what they present is never one hundred percent is it?

    I appreciate your article and allowing me to think more consciously when I travel from now one. What would the door say? Would one be sarcastic and say “HEY! DO NOT ENTER, DANGER BRO!”
    “Oh”, I would say.
    “IM KIDDING,” says the door,”Every door out there has some sort of danger behind it!”

    Anyway take care and thanks again for sharing.


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