About Me

 Combining many successful years of teaching, a passion for photography, and a ceaseless pursuit of world travel, I find blogging in the “now moment” to be a satisfying outlet for my creative passions. While living within the suburban confines of South Florida, I travel extensively with my wife up to six months a year to spur interest in my writing endeavors.

I would welcome your commments at “Snippets of a Traveling Mind.”                                                   



My Word Press name – USFMAN

My Email – jamesrogge@yahoo.com

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sounds like a fulfilling life and full of interesting endeavors. My parents were both educators. I am deeply hoping we continue to train and place good teachers in the years to come…I look forward to following your blog, and I thank you for reading mine. Regards to you and yours.

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