“Cruising” Along In West Coast Style

“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” (Rachel Carson)

The term “cruising” in the informal sense refers to the casual act of driving a vehicle in an aimless manner most often at lesser speeds. The scenic drive along the western coasts of Oregon/Northern California thus appeared to have become the ideal route for a “cruising” adventure on this weekend’s leg of our road trip. Foregoing our U.S. east coast perceptions accustomed to congested beachfront housing and touristic business sprawl, we instead enjoyed a west coast adventure from Coos Bay, Oregon heading south to San Rafael, California amid wild nature relatively untouched by human intrusion.

Keep in mind that while Google Maps suggested that this north – south drive could be accomplished in a little over eight hours driving time, we opted to spend close to two full days of slower paced “cruising” to accomplish this task. Thus, the matter of making time and covering distance seemed relatively unimportant as I experienced  enhanced sensory awareness of remote coastal beachfronts, cool highland forests, and lush river valleys. In the photograph set below, I thus reveal some personally enlightening observations about the essentials of “cruising” in west coast style. Stay healthy in July. USFMAN.

Feel the immense life energy of a Giant Redwood Forest.

Summertime blooming of wildflowers can cleanse the soul.

A lonely crag offshore can enthrall the imagination.

Pay attention to the large rock ahead for safety reasons.

The objects of interest along a lonely beach comprise much more than seashells and sand.

Stop frequently at designated road turnoffs for best scenic views.

Beware of sudden, natural event hazards.

Alternative health options abound in west coast settings.

Keep two hands on the wheel at all times .

Visiting a State/National Park can be an effective cure for “Covid -19” social isolation.

There’s no such phenomenon as a “Bridge Too Far” in cruising mode.

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