Welcome To Snippets Of A Traveling Mind

I was a witness to the spirit of the late 1960s, seeking ways to find peace as protests against the Vietnam War and urban decay spread turbulently across America. I later functioned as a  teacher/professor for over 28 years in South Florida, recently retiring to practice yoga and self-meditation on a regular basis. I continue now as a role model for non-confrontation as I travel independently with my wife in our  hard-earned freedom.

Recently, my world wanderings provided evidence that my global search to find inner-serenity in life could not be planned as my daily routines of the classroom had always been. I now recognize my encounters with unexpected people, places, and events will provide the key to achieve my desired self-transformation.

Please join me as I seek to understand the immense power of these unforeseen moments by engaging in “Snippets of a Traveling Mind.” You do not have to travel far to absorb the spirit of unanticipated perception. Any place will do if your senses are open to the peaceful energy that surrounds you.