“Two- Way Street” In Life Balance

List the people you admire and look to for advice…

JetPack Prompt 5/7/23

When it comes to a list of people I currently admire and trust in their advice, those daily acts of giving that I receive from each of them must be correspondingly balanced with a degree of positive reciprocity from my side that I must wisely return. In the following unranked list then, I can also say that the names described below resonate most strongly according to my present life circumstances.

1. My yoga teachers teach me time tested movements to improve my strength, flexibility, and balance followed by periods of silent meditation where I direct positive energy toward each of them from my inner soul.

2. My massage therapist follows up this yoga routine with some skillful adjustment for areas of physical tightness as we converse in mutually beneficial conversation about how to lead our lives productively in the present moment.

3. Shared common interest about sports, music, travel, and past career experiences motivate me to allot quality time talks with two  wisely minded  ex- teacher  friends throughout my week.

4. My elderly mother’s best friend gives up so much of her free time to be with her for some leisurely fun. As I often coordinate the timing of my own visits to mother with those of this female companion, I’m elated that I’ve worked successfully with her as a team to provide greater comfort for my mother in this time of dire medical need. 

5. The independent spirit of travel counts strongly at this moment as a major source of giving admiration for my loving wife.  For during this current crisis of family illness, I trust her uncanny ability to foresee the right adventures that we will most economically afford to  enjoy abroad when the opportunities to do so arise again. In turn, I will surround her in due time with destination based maps/apps, practical tourist research information as well as some travel friendly human contacts to consult as needed. 


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