Autumn Stroll In Paris

 I walk quietly along the Seine with no destination in mind. I crunch along the fallen leaves and gaze starry. -eyed at the sheer elegance of an earlier time. Stately buildings surround my view inscribed with illustrious names from French past. A royal chandelier shines brightly from a passing window with ghosts of sumptuous feasts of emperors. I continue along this stony path of Kings and As the French flag flies proudly on a passing barge, I feel truly fortunate to be in the presence of such undying grandeur now.
In the distance, I hear the eerie call of Notre Dame. It reminds me to consider my spiritual connection to the tragedies that have befallen this great city. Many followers of faith have been persecuted in the presence of this revered cathedral. The spirit of lost such souls speak to me in hope that such intolerance of difference will not be repeated in my own life.
The geometry of shape mesmerize me now as a grand footbridge draws closer. Gilded bronze decorations of gods and goddesses reveal a time when Rome ruled the Western world. Ornate cast iron streetlights remain as a vestige of Beau Arts gas lighting in the late 19th century. A perfect symmetry of arch is formed as a tourist boat quietly emerges from mysterious shadows.
The Parisian landscape that I have observed today on this simple walk along the Seine reveals a moment of truth. I desire to find my fate in the natural beauty that surrounds me. An autumn leaf rustles in the wind. I now see an energy to experience my life more fully.


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