The Transcendent Traveler

As a former educator, I found blogging an excellent way to connect with my students in a non -threatening way. Since I left teaching two years ago, weekly blogs have helped me transition to a non-academic life. Typically, my weekly blogs combine text and photos that center around unusual or unexpected sightings.  I encountered in travel. My best blogs yield some statement about the human condition in the 21st century. I would love to connect with those who have had similar travel experiences. I also value feedback on my writing style to avoid excessive word use and use of flowery, academic jargon. My one year blogging goal is to compile my blogs in a travel book of a non – fiction or historical fiction nature.

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  1. Two things stand out to me:

    One, you started blogging to reach out to your students. As a matter of fact, in one of my art courses, my instructor had us create a blog in order to finish our assignments. I still hold that account to this day.

    Second, you’re very conscious of your writing. I think we’re all in the same boat. There are parts of my writing I would like some constructive feedback on.

    Don’t know how to end this, but it was fun reading this passage.


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