The Silence Of The Redwoods

I hugged a tree today. One might wonder about the logic of this act but if you spend some time in the stillness of the Redwood forest you might have be similarly affected. As I begin my walk among these proud giants, I observe each tree with curious wonder. My senses overcome me as I absorb their timeless message of human endurance and renewal.
My pace slows as I approach the crumbling remnants of a fallen giant.As I ponder my path around it, I observe great crevices cradling other forms plant life. I then think how selfish we are as humans to believe our own existence as apart from others!
The silence is broken as a swirling wind arrives to greet me in this moment. I gaze up to the sky at the gentle rustling of each towering branch. As leaves crackle in the broken sunlight, I imagine that my presence has finally been noted. .
I then notice a face in the gnarled bark of an ancient tree.” How shall I return this sign of recognition? A handshake would surely not suffice as wood and arm meet. “Tell me your story old tree, I wonder, so I can understand the meaning of life?”
I suddenly realize that every day is Earth Day and have already been given an answer. I now hug this tree in the silence of the Redwood Forest as a testament to the idea that as humans, we are a part of nature, but do not control it.

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