East Coast To West Coast

Hop aboard the prairie schooner. The Old West calls me to think more deeply today as my presence in a world of urban survival fades away in this dry stillness of the endless prairie. Imagine joining a caravan of Conestoga settlers, seeking a better life toward the setting sun. What kind of life did their adventures west tell me to live?

The signs of a simpler time are everywhere. A sagebrush lies parched near a fence to nowhere. Its desolation provides a beautiful relief from the inhumanity of urban congestion. A hungry vulture circles its intended prey to remind me that I eat to live rather than live to eat. A westbound locomotive whistles in the distance to announce its escape from the incessant call of the eastward clock. Clearly, I must find a slower pace of life now that will allow me to think more attentively.

As I return home to my competitive world eastward, I will test this resolve to be more aware of my surroundings. As the privacy of my auto can no longer entomb me in a blinded race to my destination, I will find more scenic roads to travel on. Since the convenience of a cellphone ring no longer claims highest priority of my attention, I will find silence in the present moment. When faced with deceptive spins of fast food marketers, I will take the time to shop for healthier options.

My message in this blog reminds one that a successful journey begins in the mind. You can never know what unexpected moments will change your life in the future. As you step out into the world every day, you must make time to stop, breathe, and listen inwardly. Enjoy your traveling mind.


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  1. I read a book several years ago about the Mormons moving west across the country, and I just remember being overwhelmed by the hardships they faced. The many who gave up lives in the east to venture into the unknown “out west” were quite a brave bunch. Thanks for that reminder in this post!

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  2. In our minds we have travelled such vast distances that we hope our bodies will follow one day. Enjoying your snippets one snip at a time. Greetings from Malaysia…Gina.


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