Star Trek Feeds My Traveling Mind

Seeking new adventure, an aspiring world traveler, usfman, has enrolled in a “Virtual Reality” course of study to enhance his travel knowledge. This unique experience at “Star Trek Land” will consist of a series of realistic interactions with original, TV characters aboard a simulated Starship Enterprise as they prepare for an intergalactic journey in the distant future. An added feature of this encounter will allow him to conduct an intensive review of past, Star Trek adventures, in hope that insights will be gained to enhance usfman’s traveling mind.
“Welcome aboard, usfman. My esteemed colleagues aboard this vessel will assist you to prepare for your upcoming journeys. Say goodbye to the suburban comforts of your South Florida home and join me in our quest to find intelligent life and obtain new knowledge of our universe. You must realize that there is much at stake in this stern test of your Traveling Spirit. Yet with each problem faced, you will learn to never act from fear or indecision. I’m honored to be on board, today, Captain.”
“Let me introduce you to your fellow comrades now. I am Captain Kirk, a curious man like yourself, who will fill your head with enough travel memories to last a lifetime. Meet Mr. Spock, my first officer. In spite of his pointed ears, you will most assuredly be impressed by the logic of his actions. Say hello as well to Dr. McCoy. You might hear him rant to others occasionally, but he cares very much for the health of his patients. The younger fellow you see is our navigator, Mr. Checkov. Do not be deceived if he mispronounces words in his Russian dialect. This young man will always give you an honest effort no matter how dire the circumstance.
I would also like to introduce Scotty, our dedicated engineer. He may not make the greatest diplomat in times of crisis, but there is no matter of technology that Scotty cannot master,To his right, there is Sulu, our primary navigator. Don’t underestimate him by his small stature. His fierce, karate chop could knock you dead with one blow. Sitting at our computer panel in the back, please greet our communications officer, Uhura.You can be assured that this woman is the equal of any man in times of crisis.” How amazing that all of you appear exactly like I remember in the TV show.
“As you already know, we will need to properly prepare you for this mission. Scotty will provide you with a memory retrieval device, that will provide taping of our methods for coping with interstellar, space travel in four of our previous missions. We trust you will carefully watch them on our bridge monitor and give us your written feedback on what you have learned from us about improving your traveling mind. Ready to go, when you are, sir.”
“Jim, if this experiment goes wrong, I am not sure that I can treat this primitive, human. I am a doctor, not a magic man. (Dr. McCoy). I agree captain, as my calculations indicate that there is a 47.92% chance that the subject will experience an elevated level of emotional stress from this mission. (Spock). We might also encounter a “nuclear wessel”or two, captain. Shall we alter our course to make it safer for him? (Chekov)
“Gentlemen, it is our mission to accept this challenge for the sake of knowledge. We will proceed with the indoctrination.) Kirk). Sulu, prepare the necessary details to project the visual orientation for our guest. Yes sir, captain, screen on. Pay particular attention, usfman, to a series of questions preceding each episode. We ask you to thoughtfully answer each of them to provide insight to us about how you will view your future travels.(Kirk). No sweat! Make it so. Ha ha, I even know some Star Trek quotes.
“Return to Tomorrow– February 9, 1968
“How will the presence of emotion and logic influence me?”
“I should appreciate that I am uniquely human and should showcase my ability to express emotion of the present moment as well as devise logical ways to make practical use of this knowledge. As I follow the path of an independent traveler, use both of these mental tools to weigh the risks and benefits involved in unknown travel.”
“Trouble With Tribbles”– December 29, 1967
“What actions might I take as a traveler to preserve the natural order of life that exists today?”
“There exists an abundance of life and death interconnections for all forms of life on earth. As a human traveler, do not be tempted to exploit the interesting appearance and behaviors of flora or fauna for your personal gain. When possible, contribute your time and effort to natural places of refuge that preserve the natural ecosystems of plants and animals that exist there.”
“The Ultimate Computer”  – March 8, 1968
“How can I make appropriate use of technology to insure an authentic, travel, experience?”
“The devices I surround myself with in travel can never replace the intuitive powers of my mind. Trust my own senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and sound to guide me when my GPS guidance system fails me, the Internet is down , or there is dissatisfaction with the privacy limitations of social media.
Engage in human forms of interconnection with more face to face interactions with strangers. Enjoy the simplicity of camping again in the natural world.
“Devil in the Dark”– March 9, 1967
“How might I promote myself as a messenger of peace in my visits amidst the violent world that surrounds me?”
“Do not make rashly, negative opinions about the intentions of others you visit in your travels. Choose to become a role model for non-aggression in the hope that you attract others who have similar pacifist ways. Do not “buy in” to extremist religions or political philosophies that cater to violent actions against others.
Be more secure with your possessions and more vigilant about where you travel.”
The opportunity for usfman to simulate the world of Star Trek today has truly transformed his traveling mind. As captain of his own ship, he will cast a more “critical” eye toward the emotion and logic of his vacations now. He will not allow his devices to think for him. He will embrace but not control the mystery of life that surrounds him now. He will realize that any thoughts of perpetuating his own violence will only encourage more of the same. I truly understand Mr. Spock’s explanation for “Live Long and Prosper”. I must now engage my traveling mind for the betterment of mankind.


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