The Allure Of Bermuda Pink Sands

I had originally foreseen that Bermuda would represent merely a brief, pit stop along our transcontinental cruise path to Europe. Having read of this country’s reputation as an opulent paradise of seaside, golf courses, and pricey, estate residences, I expected that a prerequisite to any pleasures indulged there would not go cheaply.

Having purchased an off-line, sightseeing app for the island, we set out in mid-morning with an abundant supply of U.S. money to explore on our own. The itinerary would require us to take the more expensive ferry option directly to Hamilton, the capital city. For the morning leg of this excursion, we would walk a little, shop a lot and indulge in a seaside lunch. In the afternoon, we would board a local bus to see how the rich live along the road to the famous pink sands of Horseshoe Bay.

Upon coming ashore in Hamilton, we entered a world that paid homage to Britain’s colonial past. Walking through the neatly manicured lawns of Queen Elizabeth Gardens, and the imposing, white columns of The National Museum, the rigid, class-based feel of English Imperial rule was in full display. Stopping for a outdoor seating lunch at the “Pickled Onion”, fish and chips became he order of the day. At $25.00 per plate, this most certainly though was not casual dining.

Hopping on a local bus now, we headed for Horseshoe Bay. At some point along this winding road, I became curiously drawn to the azure purity of the ocean in the distance.The appearance of blue water and pink sand amidst rocky coves seemed to calm my mind now from the “small talk” conversations of cruise passengers of this crowded bus.

As our bus driver routinely announced our arrival at Horseshoe Bay, we exited to the island sounds of reggae beyond. How was it possible that snobby Bermuda would allow this indigenous feel now? A steep walk down to the public beach continued to captivate my senses as we soon entered a pristinely sheltered cove of horizontally slanted boulders overlooking crystal clear waters.

A childish urge to climb to a rocky overlook become became too strong to resist. From this vantage point, A lone, parrotfish swam aimlessly near the shoreline, oblivious to the humans surrounding it. The pinkish granules of sand seemed to provide a “red carpet” entrance for each gentle wave ashore. The smooth firmness of my rocky foothold on this ground crowned me as King of this exalted land now.

I return to the easy life of my cruise vessel with new wisdom gained about my traveling mind. The positive energy that had been gained from my brief visit to these mesmerizing sands of Bermuda meant much more to me than any aspiration to live my life in decadent pursuit of wealth and property. Skipping the art auction and timeshare presentation today, I savored the new island of internal paradise that resided now in my soul.


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