Summer Days In Rural Nebraska

The first Saturday in June is a special day in a small, Nebraska town. USFman is in for a rare treat as he eagerly awaits his first visit to Val Days, a special gathering of family and friends on Town Square tonight. He imagines having a good time tonight at the invitation of his farming friend from the State Capitol.

“Hop aboard the Hillbilly Limousine as your wagon whisks you through the farmlands of America’s heartland to the highlight of tonight’s festivities: the barbecue competition. As always, there are three, home cooked categories to choose from – ribs, pork, and chicken. Fill your plate as high as you can and don’t worry about the calories. Pay close attention to your meal tickets and place them in the cardboard voting boxes of your choice as we dutifully do every June.”

“For extra entertainment, check out the nifty tractor and hot rods parked across the field. Don’t worry about the kids as the hayride wagon ride will keep them busy. Tonight would also be a great night to challenge a beer drinking buddy to a fierce contest of horseshoes or ring toss. If you’re still hungry, the snow cone stand is just around the corner. They even have root beer tonight.”

“Your Hawaiian shirt and urban sunglasses will definitely attract notice. So turn off your device and talk with some of the friendliest people you have ever met before. Slow down your pace for once and savor the beauty of the vast fields of gold beyond tonight. And most certainly you wouldn’t want to miss the grand finale: our legendary, awards ceremony for the first place, barbecue winner in town.”

Thoughts of reality creep into USFman’s mind now as he settles in to devour the immense plate of food he has selected. “Oh my God, someone just fainted in the barbecue tent. I would have called an ambulance immediately. Wait a minute, there are probably no hospitals for miles around here. Why do these people appear so disinterested and continue to eat? Oh well, chalk it up to the hard life on the prairie. Just remember that country people work hard, attend church, and by all means stay honest and humble.”

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