Sonnet For Orlando Victims

Prime Time of Life So Why Not Dance Away

My Time Our Time For When There Is No Care

Trouble Now Music Stops Before the Light of Day.

Precious Lives Gone No Longer Couples Pair

We Seek No Revenge For Vainglory Kill

For Smoke or Fire Grows Quickly Distant Foes

No Words Of  Blood Can Quell An Angry Will

That Finds A Place To Hell in Others Woes

See The World As A Place For All To Love

Find Inner Peace in Brethren We Serve

Will To Be One Oh Silence Mourning Dove

Gain Wisdom of Grace As Fallen Deserve

Anger Will Not Redress Dreams Gone Shattered

Our Souls Can Find Peace Our Lives Had Mattered

2 thoughts on “Sonnet For Orlando Victims

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  1. Very touching.

    It’s times like these when we are reminded of what’s important. Every day we deal with and hear about so many petty things. Sadly, some people have even used the tragedy in Orlando to suit their own political purposes.

    But what matters most is the human element. These were human beings who were attacked and for no other reason than their sexual orientation. They left so many loved ones behind who have to carry this.


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