A New Light For War On Words

Election Day has finally arrived as I  focus my thoughts on the future path of  my country. Overlooking the pettiness of finding fault with the much maligned character of our newly elected President, I recognize that at some point, my peace of mind must prevail. As I regain my composure as an independent traveler to accept the inevitability of a Trump Presidency, I pledge to pursue more vigorously the following, general guidelines to counteract the cynicism and distrust that he has spread throughout my country in this contentious, political campaign.


The prospect of right-wing, extremist policies now resonate from the Trump victory now. To ride his political roller coaster agenda accepts a devisively imminent battle of “good” over “bad” to the bitter end. By rejecting such “black and white” dogma, I welcome the challenge of finding common ground of unity rather than building biased walls of rejection with Trump supporters that stand in opposition to my liberal values. As such, I welcome the challenge of opening the lines of communication with gun-toting enthusiasts, Brexit- crazed separatists and machismo-blinded hombres for my future travels.


Mr.Trump’s “xenophobic” platform of building Mexican border walls and profiling Islamic-American inhabitants has sent the wrong message of hostility to the world beyond our borders. The fragility of our human species now demands bilateral/ multinational cooperation. Fresh-water, clean air, renewable energy, and avoidance of hunger; these are among the more immediate needs that all peoples share today. While our new President has consistently “Twitterized” his opinions in a defensive display of blame and condemn, I desire to conduct online blogging and social media more positively in my international travels to showcase a broad-based forum of global discussion for these critical issues .


The lies and deceptions behind the Donald Trump candidacy appall me now as the “dummying down”of our country’s standards continues. As I do not wish to be part of this “sea of ignorance”, an intensified commitment to critical thinking must be my working guide. First, I will more intensively research unfamiliar places of cruising/road-trip interest before investing my time/money. The threat of terrorism will also require documented proof that a country is safe to visit. In addition, the uncertainty of time/distance to travel overseas will demand focusing my logical attention on a workable itinerary schedule. Furthermore, getting along with a diverse tour group will necessitate a savvy upgrade of my language capacities and multicultural understandings. Finally, a clear message of peaceful co-existence should resonate through honest and sincere affiliation, rather than secretive and arrogant superiority.

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  1. Of course, this is not the result I wanted at all.

    The better part of me wants Trump to succeed because if he does the country does. However, I don’t trust him to do right by the American people and his Vice President, who might be granted Cheney-level powers, is a bigot.

    Many disappointed Americans need to keep cool heads and come back stronger. That starts in 2018, when the mid-term elections happen. We need to have a strong, engaged progressive voting base and replace the worst members of Congress who are up for reelection. Then, we need to nominate a true progressive to get Trump out of the White House.

    There were a few commentators who said that a Trump presidency — something they didn’t want, either — could lead to a true progressive being voted in. I sure hope they’re right. We need someone who cares about this country and the people in it. That should be the main motivation behind running for president, instead of running to increase one’s brand.


    1. And that fear is justified. People want to deny what Trump’s campaign and much of his support was about, but he started his campaign by blaming Mexicans. Trump is the same person who used the Birther issue to gain even more attention for himself and he’s the same man who was sued for housing discrimination in the 1970’s.

      Also, it looks like Trump pulled the wool over some people’s eyes. He plans to include some familiar faces in his cabinet. Rudy Giuliani’s name is being floated around for Trump’s cabinet. The former mayor is an advocate for the failed “Broken Windows” policing that has hurt black and Latino men in NY City.


  2. My prediction will be that Trump tires of being President in less than a year. He will spend more time in dealing with is court cases than presiding as Chief Executive.


  3. a very open minded and hopeful post … if more fellow countrymen thought and behaved as you suggested it would definitely help!

    Sadly he has proven to be far more detrimental to your country than any enemy. The fact that his insane ideas and behaviour have found favour with a majority is gravely concerning. Frankly I would be relocating as I think travelling on a us passport could be highly dangerous.

    Mind you our politicians are not far behind corrupting the entire fallacy of democracy …


  4. Are you saying I might move out of the country rather than travel? Please clarify. Trump impacts the entire world negatively in his narcissistic ploys to make deals with other countries to only benefit him. He’s insanely delusional.


  5. Interesting to follow your link to this post, almost back in time but still holds true withTrump and our new U.K. government. I keep on in hope for us to keep up the pressure on climate and conservation issues and now there is a real health scare. India might be a good place to be but even there the way secular politics has changed into Hindu nationalism betrays the spirit of the Vedas.


    1. It’s very nice that I have found another blogger like you with a global perspective to counteract the Trump parochialism I live with every day. Namaste.


      1. Greetings, there are quite a few of us out beyond your borders who sympathise with you and would like to support more global perspectives for the challenges we face.


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