Feeling The Sensation of Silence

Today I begin my exploration of the silent moment. I feel invigorated by the unusually cool weather today in South Florida as I make my way west in mid-morning through faceless suburbia to reach the rippling waters of my favorite marshy spot. A stiff wind from the north challenges me to pedal harder on my bike, suggesting that quieting my mind might be a most difficult challenge. The absence of motion it seems, will be a key component for properly experiencing my intended solitude.

At first glance upon arrival, I observe the unstirring environment of subtropical overgrowth. As I pause to snapshot panoramic photos of the low-lying, mangrove shrubbery beyond, spotting wildlife seems paramount. Yet oddly, it would not disappoint if none appeared. Forcing myself to observe without need for entertainment would most assuredly foster greater self-insights about this day.

Overlooking my boardwalk perch, I spot a quartet of red-bellied, river turtles. I relish my good fortune in finding life in these murky waters as they rapidly paddle their impressive limbs toward my human presence. I imagine myself the. “Pied Piper” of the swamp as I lead my faithful following of hungry sea reptiles. However, a dark realization follows that suchy friendly amusement to me merely represents a desperate search for food for them. It seems clear that that I must find a less distracting focus of my attention to clear my overloaded mind.

Gazing in the opposite direction toward the faceless forest beyond now, the sun’s warmth becomes an immediate diversion from my amusement of animal curiosities. Letting myself go still now as I curl into a seated yoga position, I trust that the energy of mere morning’s passing will provide a message of intrinsic meaning unfiltered by my intelligent ego.

Suddenly, I understand that the invisibility of life’s survival in this swamp parallels the underlying truths that I hope to attain by silencing my active mind. My choice today to detach from life’s daily challenges needs no further explanation or judgment as I have simply chosen to divert my perceptions to my aliveness in the present moment. Auras of green or blue, intensities of heartwarming melodies, the contagious energy of a warm smile; the choice is mine to experience any of these qualities in the company of my uncluttered mind.






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