Weathering the Elements In Truth

On our Caribbean cruise, I expect an unpredictable supply of sun, wind and rain. While my warm-blooded metabolism reacts well to such fickle tropical conditions, I amusingly observe many cruisers today who seem disturbed by anything less than a perfect summer day. Walking around restlessly, there are those who resign themselves to the likelihood of a sudden storm. Others scurry to the nearest overhang at the first drop of rain or possessively grip onto this belongings as if a Kansas twister will soon be in full swing. Would it really be a tragedy if one’s shirt became soaked or a hat blew off their head today? Is that really so bad? Could a passenger realistically be blown off the boat by a sudden gust of wind?

Why fight it? Find a shady spot now to read or rest and expect that these unfortunate moments will eventually pass. When I feel the need to move, use the freedom of mobility on this cruise to relocate my position out of enjoyment not fear. Realize that one of the reasons I took this cruise would be to appreciate each moment of life as an awaiting opportunity.

I typically frequent those areas of the ship which seduce me to “chill” more when the weather turns bad. Moving forward to the bow, I spot the “Sanctuary”, and settle into a canopied lounge chair in reclusive surroundings, relaxing to my heart’s content. Considering lower deck locations , I find the library, with the intention of taking a fulfilling nap overlooking a treasury of books that I so long to read. Taking advantage of my afternoon snack at the stern now, I locate a homey couch facing seaward, calling me to sit for a spell there to merge my mind with the foamy stir of the passing storm beyond.

To “weather the storm” really means that there will always be imperfections to conquer each day as sure as the sun moves toward light and dark across the daily sky. I don’t try to compare myself to those “slim-fit” days of my youth or to the muscular physique I never really had. I sail onward, then, into the approaching darkness with full awareness that my sustained light of self-acceptance should always lead the way.

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