Busy Servicing A Progressive Cause

“It’s better to show up than give up.” (Bernie Sanders)

“Wishes and wants do not transform a person; actions and reactions do so! Show the world your plans by the actions you take progressively and consistently.” (Israelmore Ayivor)

I recently conversed with an artist I was stacking boxes with at a food collection facility. We exchanged thoughts about why we were donating our labor today. I told him that my reasons had evolved over time. I related to him that initially I had foreseen volunteering as a way to fill my free time in retirement: essentially new hobby exploration. In spite of our different ages and career differences, we admitted that helping people of greatest need had become our greatest motivation to volunteer of late. After further conversation, we agreed that our main desire to serve in this manner of volunteer capacity was the the fearful presence of a Trump Presidency. 2017 would be a challenging time for both of us as we explored volunteering as “Progressive” action in these troubling times.

A critical part of my transformation to become an activist would stem from engaging with others in an intelligent examination of global issues: gender equality, social justice, educational standards, and environmental preservation. As I diligently investigated the sixty-eight Word Press bloggers in my reader collection, I singled out five of them that shared valuable insight for pursuing a progressive initiative. I would soon realize that my own thoughts about such politically controversial issues would not suffice if I did not accompany my words with serious action.

I also would reassess the social media value of Facebook as a legitimate way to “test the waters” for these, educated discussions Tiring of unpresidential rants and outright lies that were reported each day in the media, I began to see myself as a model for truth and reason in my Facebook postings. Fake news surrounding the Trump campaign would be a particularly hot topic as I often examined the veracity of Trump Twitter rants and emotional attacks on character. I would also intensify my efforts to market my weekly blogs on Facebook to gain both friendly and antagonistic feedback about my offered opinions.

I now re-prioritize my retirement time to spend 5-10 hours each week on more serious volunteer commitments when I am not traveling. I do not mind hard work yet the effort must be worthy of my time. Described below are the volunteer activities that I am presently committed to.


Feeding South Florida

Once a week, I spend three hours at the main warehouse sorting and stacking donated food boxes that will be distributed to children, older adults, and the working poor throughout the South Florida region.


Women’s March Miami

On Sat.3/21, I will stand with thousands of people at a rally in Bayfront Park as a concerned American citizen. I protest the insulting rhetoric of our President-Elect with regard to human rights in general. I also participate in this event as an advocate for fair treatment of women, immigrants, minorities, and those of all religions.


Watch The Wild

I recently joined the national organization”Nature Abounds”, which engages citizens to find practical solutions to preserve the environment. Once a week, I ride my bicycle to Tree Tops Park in Davie, Florida to observe wildlife and vegetation trends there. The information I record is then electronically sent to science experts affiliated with this organization with accompanying photos.


Live Stream Simulcast – “Freedom and Democracy”

In the last month, I have taken an interest in the Progressive- minded blog links posted by Word Press Press blogger, JoAnnChateau. This week’s podcast, ” Freedom and Democracy ” provides relevance to me as a global fact reference for my upcoming blogs and Facebook postings.


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