Dominica Rainforest Revealed Fully

A curious glance at the lush greenery of Dominica from our ship enticed my wife and I to experience the rainforest firsthand on our recent cruise. Finding numerous private operators as we exited the ship, we opted for a three-hour van tour through the surrounding mountains. Never realizing that we would need to “slip and slide” along our walking routes through pelting rain to reach inland waterfalls, hot springs, and bird sightings, I can honestly reflect that I enjoyed getting drenched that day.


Our “floating hotel”, as our driver, Saraya, called it, brought big business to this island as he sadly noted Dominica experienced then an unemployment rate of over 38%. Yet, there was no obvious appearance of “hustle” for tourist dollars from him or the local populace we met. I felt then that corporations were destroying these precious rainforests for the sake of economic greed. During our rainforest visit, we also took time to smell various tropical herbs and realized the many untapped, natural cures for urban ailments present in these steamy surroundings.

The last leg of our tour winded steeply downhill to the capital city Roseau, situated in a bowl- shaped valley. I laughed at the “double entendre” meaning when Saraya stated that we would soon be arriving at the “dead center” of the city as we become aware of dangerous waterways and eerie cemeteries nearby.

Clearly, we evidenced a stark contrast between the shantytown atmosphere of the countryside and the impressive, urban amenities downtown. A”state-of the art” soccer stadium, a stately Government Palace, and a thriving port here provided proof that Dominicans had made substantial progress as an independent people to overcome centuries of slavery/political repression in this nation’s British colonialist past.

Dominica, you are no “third world” country in my mind. I am glad that you have taken the time to educate me in both mind and spirit about the hidden treasures that your country possesses. Your natural beauty has helped me feel more “alive” today as I sail away to savor these priceless moments of “sleepy” solitude.


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  1. โ€œsleepyโ€ solitude. – love this line so much, being one to favour the quiet then the loud and slumber is always something I treasure. that was a lovely walk through the falls and I love the sound of the rushing water like its telling you all the secrets of the forest but won’t let you remember anything you hear once you have left the thundering water. you are always reflective on the things you see on your travels and that makes reading your entry very heartwarming, the simple pleasures that awaken an awareness of our purpose here on earth, to appreciate but respect each other. always look forward to your posts.

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  2. Lovely post. Found Dominica really beautiful and so green as compared to some of the other island during our cruise. Looks like you visited quite a few of the same places we did – my post is on the blog – and we did a hike to Middleham Falls which was one of the highlights of the entire trip. Cheers


  3. A side-tour that turned into a memorable adventure (getting drenched, slipping and sliding on steep paths). So appreciate the social/political commentary you include. “Dead center.” (A good one!)


  4. A beautiful glimpse into a tropical world. I was very interested in the medicinal possibilities that are untapped in the rain Forrest, and found the stark contrast between elegance and “shanty” dwellings quite a surprise. Your addition of amazing photography enhances your already superlative writing. Another winning blog post!!! ๐Ÿ‘

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  5. This was interesting to read – thanks for sharing. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about Spring showers in case you have time to look? Happy Wednesday! Sam ๐Ÿ™‚


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