Glimpses of”Yellow Hat” India

Here are some random impressions of “positive energy” provided by my recent tour of New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur India


Cupping hands in Namaste everywhere provides a strangely pleasing way to begin my stay.


A fashion show of colorful saris in motion. Elegant waves of crimson, mauve, and blue provide dignity to the feminine soul

Feel the coolness of white marble in shoeless jaunts around the ancient temple. Examine thoughtfully the precise symbols of Islamic calligraphy. A skyward glance provides the protective nearness of a towering minaret. With each purposeful movement, I sense more deeply the serious pursuit of  prayer.

Gaze down the dusty road to experience a menagerie of pleasing animal surprises and realize that man and beast coexist usefully in daily survival. Proud camels relax proudly in oppressive  heat. Hungry cows munch slowly on their pile of personal garbage. A herd of Water Buffalo walk dutifully to and from their daily grazing area, Painted elephants provide tourists with a feel of the eastern caravan. Loyal dogs  bark nightly to protect their homeless master from personal harm.

The incidence of extreme poverty outside my bus stirs feelings of compassionate benevolence. Old men desperately peddle their trinket wares. Swastikas line doorless hovels expressing hope for prosperity. A hungry child cries in the night for his/her meager share. Think twice before you frivolously discard your paper cup, banana peels, or chicken bones today.

A “white teardrop” appears in the distance now to greet the new day. Admire the perfect symmetry of structural balance and Monet-like glimpses of light and dark. A place of beautiful pilgrimage no doubt. In one’s life, you must find reason to experience Taj Mahal magic.

The precious time of life cast in “Dharma” philosophy
Keep an open eye to the fully blossomed lotus flower.
Make genuine offerings to your individual deity.
Feel the regenerative power of life in surrounding Bougainvillea
Unite with your yogi in the spirit of love
Find one’s self-contentment in meditative reflection


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  1. You sure covered it. This was an adventure that will be in our hearts for a lifetime. It evoked so many emotions.


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