True Tests To Avoid The Daily Grind

It’s nice to be home finally after our ninety six day road trip across America. The timing of off-season living in South Florida over the wet and humid summer allows me to escape the hectic presence of tourist traffic and school routine that will inevitably resurface by September in my surrounding community. Yet it seems difficult to release my mind at times from memories of urban survival every day for almost thirty years as a classroom teacher. It seems I need a set of reminders now to verify my detachment from my former life as I commit to more simplicity and freedom of extended travel in retirement. Imagining my new identity surfacing on the beach as I casually sip on my favored coconut milk, I thus prioritize the following actions on a daily basis to maintain commitment to this desired lifestyle.



Picture myself as the white cat who appears at my condo front door every morning now. Be curious to observe the natural environment surrounding you by embracing anything interesting in the present moment. Slow down your “monkey mind” activity with silent yoga and gym workouts. Develop your skill in digital photography as a way to enhance your sensory observations of your natural surroundings. Find a quiet place in the Barnes and Noble Cafe to read quietly in the company of your favorite cup of coffee in finding roads to “authentic history” for wanderlust travel.


Realize that the fire-pole of daily crisis that you have slid down for years to begin your stressful day no longer serves your interest. Obsessing on perfection in pursuit of career challenge seems unnecessary now. Slow down now and enjoy full course meals. Limit your intake of caffeine from regular coffee and Diet Coke. Drink more water instead. Turn off the “Trump” media disaster by limiting your access to Facebook/Cable News when needed. Turn down your radio volume in the car and switch to non-commercial, new age /classical music stations when possible.


The ideal of materialistic gain no longer appeals to you. As an independent world traveler, you have learned that carrying less not more enhances your frequent travels. Address debt obligations/Medicare with electronic “auto pay” As a paperless world seems more practical for your now, throw out unneeded advertising brochures. Embrace conversations that unite rather than divide according to the globalistic philosophy of the Paris Environmental Summit and third party progressivism of fairness/equality for all. Utilize alternative medicine methods of chiropractic care, sensory-cranial massage, and herbal nutrition to better manage chronic medical concerns. Avoid exorbitantly priced, corporate tickets on Ticketmaster for major concerts/sporting events on weekends.


You taught your academically challenged students in college to research academically in an online course environment. Now it is your turn to find technological solutions to your own informational challenges of extended travel in retirement. Therefore, you must continue to utilize those travel apps that have served you well in the recent past to promote affordable, independent travel. On the road, consulting Siri for Google searches and at home asking Alexa on Amazon Echo for voice activated responses also seem indispensable. Managing the “Cloud” will likewise enable me to make efficient use of my mobile device, picture/video storage space. Eliminating book clutter in road-trip travel with Kindle and streaming personalized music in lieu of CDs for desired music seem equally indispensable now.

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