Visualizations of Blueness Matters

If spirit needs rest, think colorful blue

Yogic silence tints glass in peaceful matter

While our leader froths blame in madness spew

Aqua hued skies hides such angry chatter


When body deprives sleep, blanket azure dreams

Yin motions to slow my “monkey mind” run

As “Alt Right” fears foment unfair schemes

Violet/green unite melt visions of one


If brain senses lies, eyes reject such madness

Mindful breaths” on mat open “Blue Hat” scope

As “climate change” casts imminent sadness

Royal blue blossoms bring visions to cope


When low energy drains your living pleasure

Sail Santorini shores to an aquamarine pale

Absorb this color for useful measure

As empathy not ego finds an inner grail




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