No Excuse For Failed Leadership

The current political impasse in the United States concerning affordable healthcare coverage troubles me deeply. Something is clearly wrong and I believe the following poem identifies a key source of such confusion.


Whenever The Halls Of White Dim To A Still
No Gentleman Nor Lady I Rule Out To Grill
For Nothing Can Stop My Twitter Dumb Reign
In A Stubborn Crusade To Fulfill Personal Gain

There Seems No Point To Question My Blunders
As A Lifetime of Blame Works Fabulous Wonders
Dare Not Question A “Make America Great Again” King
So Let’s Give Them a Taste of My Powerful Sting

I Am a Rich Man Indeed, Yes Richer Than All
How Dare One Accuse Me Of Healthcare Fall
As So Many Look Up To My Legacy of Fame
Then Why Change This One Sided Game

So On I Tweet To Gain Maximum Attention
Yet Never Accept Blame From Any Oppositional Tension
When Sparks Fly In My Direction In Heated Foment
The “Buck Will Not Stop” Here To Destroy My Moment


Our Freedoms Grow Weaker Amidst Such Egoistic Tension
As Poor, Sick, And Disabled Receive So Little Attention.
Health Care For All Cannot Be Framed By Attack on Obama
When Words Spin Wildly Into A Cold Hearted Melodrama


21 thoughts on “No Excuse For Failed Leadership

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  1. Wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or cry. Your poem is brilliant and reflects the worlds trend nowadays. We definitely are falling down slowly to hit the ground hard soon, to climb again. Same in Poland, if you have heard about the situation, people voted for populism as others :/ Thank you for posting this 🙂


  2. Thank you for the feedback. Yes I am aware of the similar populist situation currently existing in Poland.You might have some interest in a new blog where I will be sharing the theme – “Tyrants Attract Tyrants.” There are several examples in recent World History where autocratic leaders exhibited a magnetic attraction for each other. Please share my blogs if desired.


      1. Trump is being what he’s always been: a pathological narcissist. In a normal election year our political process would have expelled him from the campaign within a few months. Can you think of any reason Americans would elect a man who is on tape bragging about his sexual assaults?

        This kind of decision doesn’t make sense
        in an advanced Democracy.

        The United States is still under under attack with a sophisticated psychological weapon.

        Americans underestimate the devastating power of the propaganda used against us.

        Putin is behind this.

        Putin is the problem.

        The U.S. can expel Trump but the guy we have to protect ourselves against is Putin.


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