Find True Fortune a la Inner Vegas

A Sprinkling of Neon Raises Hopes of Rich Winnings
As Masses Give Trust In Chance Unlikely Spinnings
No Matter Such Fortune Seems Risky At Best
These Pockets Fill Coins To Find Money Greed Quest

High Stakes In Crowd Rush Where Cash Moves Through Many
Yet Wiser Spark Thrills Without Spending A Penny
When Wealth Grips Attention To Win By Obsess
Sublime Can Find Awe As More Worthy Possess

Gape Dazzling Displays Of Botanical Bliss
In Bellagio Galleries In Nature Draws Kiss
Find Coldness or Hotness The Choice Does Not Matter
As Long As Your Silence Shuns Monkey Mind Chatter

This Desert Oasis Makes Fertile In Mind
This Day Finds No Need To Be More Wined And Dined
Find Fantasies Of Sweetness Gain Smiles Abound
Dream More Of Pure Beauty Like Sight, Smell, And Sound

When You Consider Our Efforts To Master Our Plot
Know That True Happiness Can’t Ever Be Bought
While Casinos Of Greed Amass Riches To Gain
True Fortune In Vegas Knows Ego Contain
















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