Bully Bob Gone Haywire

The following poem is a fictional endeavor that reveals some insight about the dangerous mix of guns and bullies amidst our country’s current culture of open anger expression. While I have been inspired to create this work by the tragic events of the recent, Las Vegas shooting, I do not claim authenticity of the ideas presented. Having experienced the angered backlash of bullies in the past, I find it appropriate to attach the following video from the late and great Tom Petty – “I Won’t Back Down”


Bully led mindsets rain bullets of hate

Cold boasts of no feeling for victimized fate

Delusions of glory no time to see Mom

Stay blind to regret he delivers death’s bomb


Set rules to win power whose life he can screw

Imagine no end to his acts of blood spew

Feed nightmares that protest this city of sin

No point in false game when one’s money can’t win


Spread fire and fury few question this villain

Our country enraged let’s gets on with the killin’

Spin personal gain in quick triggers of lout

No time for compassion in hubris bound spout


As feathers comply with the power of winds

In bully bound glory his life care rescinds


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  1. I can tell. I think poets thrive on emotions to get inspired. Sadly, this time it was such a horrific act that was what brought you to write this heartfelt piece. If you and Ruth are in town, I would love for you both to attend the bluapple poetry finals forLouder Than a Bomb Florida in either March or April of next year. (It will depend on scheduling when it is.) It usually takes place on one of Nova Southeastern’s theater stages. The poetry that is performed will knock your socks off. All coming from the voice of pain from experiences of young people and the world around them. You both would enjoy it. When the event is closer in time I can find out if you are town. It’s mind blowing and lovely.


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