We Can Do Better As Americans

“Politics is an act of faith you have to show some kind of confidence in the intellectual and moral capacity of the public.” — George McGovern

Every morning, I wake up to a firestorm of doubt as to the direction of my country’s future. How can an alleged child molester be endorsed as a policy maker on the national scale in this country? Does a physically violated woman have any reasonable recourse to fight sexual harassment here? Why does Twitter allow our President to continue his personal attacks on others on a daily basis? Is fake news the law of the land? Why do conspiracy theories distort truth so that facts cannot be fully trusted? Is our country’s security being well served when our intelligence agencies become Presidential targets of blame?


Amidst this crisis of values, I do recognize that there are a several signs of hope. I am encouraged by the election of Democrat Doug Jones in a traditionally red state electorate as a mandate that our country has begun to heal from this confused malaise of values. I also believe that the emerging, open discussion of sexual harassment today bodes well for a fair resolution to this issue. As the Russian collusion investigation methodically continues, I finally take heart that justice will prevail without political obstruction/interference.


What actions will elevate my own principles to foster respect for “e pluribus unum”? I want to speak proudly of my country when I travel overseas. I desire to stand with all Americans at sporting events to salute our flag. I yearn to march in protest against acts of prejudice that sever our commitment to human dignity of any race, color, or creed. I will vote only for those who honor the spirit of my Constitutional rights and freedoms. I will stay readily informed about timely issues in my spare time with foremost respect for fact.


I cannot imagine that our country can wait three more years until new elections resume in our current state of ethical decay. An angry tweet, self-centered, photo op, or divisive campaign rally will not solve America’s crisis of human decency. If we are living in a reality show Presidency , understand that this TV show can be cancelled due to low ratings. Realize also that when this moment occurs, others will mightily fall. We can do better as Americans.



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  1. The questions you raise in your opening paragraph are valid and desperately need to be addressed. I believe that as a nation, we have been undergoing ethical decay for several decades now. Our Twitter-in-Chief has only brought it to the surface.


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