Finding Sunny Side Of January

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of looking at things.” (Henry Miller)

In Absence Of Winter, To Never Grow Old
As Palm Trees Lullaby For A Baby In Glorious Gold
Feel Peace Like A Lotus Flower Along Sandy Shore
Blossom Flowed Breeze Finds The Will To Explore

Forty years ago, I Lived To Rebel Near This Restful Drop-In
College Days As A Student Became My Drop-Out Hippie Sin
Slower Pace Eyes A Reptile – Is It Wrong To Stay Still?
In Order To Survive, They Notice Scarce Signs Of Chill

Mangrove Threads With Sawgrass In Tropical Stain
In Abundance Of Green – A Drug To End Pain
So Nature Turns To Nurture – My Troubles Expire
Now Be Open to Others – Put Out Flamed Ego Fire

If New Year Needs the Summer To Lift Dimness Of Gray
Imagine Seagulls Feeding In Silence To Lift Dimness Of Gray

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      1. Hmmm in some ways yes for sure, but I think because I am a few years older they were more turbulent than yours. My college days were about protesting and sit ins, Love ins, marching against the war and so many of my former classmates either died or returned home without limbs from Vietnam Nam.. I married in 1969 and drove to Santa Rosa California. In Texas people followed our MG like a scene from “Easy Rider” shout’ng the words “hippie” and pointing guns at my husband because of his beard and long hair. I played guitar and acted and got in trouble for not going to class when the Kent State murders occurred. I think my college days were a lot like the movie “Across the Universe”. It was a film created entirely from Beatles songs. If you haven’t seen it you should. I felt like the female protagonist in the film when I saw the movie several years ago. What I loved best about those days was the freedom. The sense of feeling like my entire generation was changing everything around me.

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