Birthday Energy Bliss In Arizona

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”
(Aristotle, The Philosophy of Aristotle)

My burst of positive thoughts in the third week of our road trip began on my birthday in Phoenix, Arizona. Enjoying a Cactus League baseball game on a cool, sunny day in the front row of the left field grandstand, I noticed a surge of exaltation run through my mind/body then. My favorite team, the Cleveland Indians, would go on to score sixteen runs, and improbably we would catch a prized baseball thrown into the stands on a wild throw from the outfield. Biting into my greasy, foot long hot dog, I could only think how enjoyable this lazy afternoon felt rather than being obsessed on the unhealthy calories I was investing at the time.

Driving I-17 into higher elevations toward our next destination, Sedona, Arizona, the towering grandeur of flat mesas surrounding me continued to enhance my mood. At that time, I visualized this aura as my energy gas tank being topped off with a fresh supply of positive energy at each passing curve in the road. Upon arriving in Sedona, I felt a festive, Christmas-like atmosphere as we walked contentedly on a cold evening through the deserted shopping district downtown to celebrate my birthday at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

On our tour of India last spring, I learned that Hindus believe spiritual energy emanates from within. How fitting then that the next morning I would experience an enhanced calmness of mind as I walked along this stark , desert countryside observing the natural beauty of jagged red rocks and sharp spiked cacti. Upon observing the stunning backdrop of odd angled energy vortexes in the distance, a euphoria of peace and love would motivate me to complete the entire distance of the Fay Trail without complaint. There would thus be no need to worry today of aching knees, a weak bladder, or the possibility of encountering snakes or bears in the area.

Sedona would also serve as fertile ground for self meditation on this visit. Climbing steeply to Amitabha Peace Park, we lingered at sacred sites of Buddhistic offering and then stopped opposite a grand statued Stupa for more deeper reflection. With eyes turned to the west at sunset each day of our visit, Sedona’s glorious mountainside colors would come vividly alive to continue my floodgate of amazing positive aura images. I felt truly humbled to be alive in this unfolding of such stunning natural beauty in the present moment then.

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  1. Jim – Thank you for letting me enjoy Sedona from SF. I had a similar experience in Monument Valley, although the terrain was more barren, it was moving for me.

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