Niagara Falls Magic Revealed

On the three month completion date of our 2018 road trip, Ruth and I walked across the International Bridge from Niagara Falls, New York to Ontario, Canada. We then viewed the spectacular American/Canadian vistas of these famous waterfalls from adjacent cliffside walkways. My impressions of these moments are thus poetically expressed as follows.

“In cool sheen of spilled veil spot Niagara’s wet mist
Young couples close by ravished by lovestruck blissed
Gape wild rapids below stroll slowly onshore
Inhale green fields in springtime find urge to explore

As wide canyons converge in deep drop to free falls
A cascade of delights springs near colorful walls
Spectacular auras melt green, blue, and white
While rainbow formed orbs kiss such magical light

For more closeup encounters expect to get wet
Zip down to foamed surface as you’ll never forget
If these glacially formed wonders challenge your mind
Imagine rock sculpting in raw nature unkind

Stone bridge links two countries in this bountiful place
No border stress fanfare seek Canada’s space”


I accomplished a rewarding career as a teacher and professor for 28 years.No more daily lesson plans now frees my curious mind to experience life on my own terms now.

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