Refreshing End To Fireworks Show

As a sultry nightfall settled in Fort Lauderdale, on the Fourth of July, I again experienced the pulsating pops, psychedelic light show, and  smoke haze of fireworks shows exploding  nearby to shatter the normally serene atmosphere of my middle class, suburban neighborhood. As extreme vibrations from each blast  went off, a disturbing cacophony of dog barkings, cat screams, and car alarms proceeded to  distract my mind while along the nearby lake, fish leaped from the sound rippling water at this unsettled time. I soon imagined that this experience much resemble a war scene.
The next evening , I expected a continued  “fireworks” show of political negativism, so to speak, would take place during my attendance at a local Democratic Club outing in Davie, Florida. Seeing posted signs of Anti-Trump rebellion,  I anticipated then that this meeting would quickly “spin” into a heated forum for emotionally “mudslinging  dirt” about Republican opponents running in the upcoming November, midterm elections. To my surprise, however , the event proceeded for the next two hours in a much more surprisingly positive fashion.
 How motivating to me that I participated  in a quietly reflective,  round table” discussion  with other Democratic voters concerning ways to increase voting turnout.  Good timing  it seemed  to hear Florida gubernatorial candidates Phil Levine, former State Senator Jeremy Ring, and others educate me on key issues at this time without blaming the current Republican party majority. How gratifying that I was given ample opportunity to engage in face to face discussions with elected officials to air strictly issue viewpoints tonight. I felt the excitement of former governor/U.S. senator Bob Graham entering the room to a standing ovation at the end of the meeting. His passionate optimism to support his daughter Gwen’s run for next Florida governor provided convincing evidence that Democrats would be winning  more elections with positive role models like her  in the future.
It thus appears  that the  Democratic Party can gain ground in midterm elections to increase voter turnout by engaging in such hard work as I viewed this night to foster enhanced community interest. It’s also clear to me that enticing one to vote Democrat does not necessitate a raucous, Trump mob scene where followers blindly join in with cultish obedience. I thus look forward to seeing a fitting  end to a fireworks show of “blaming  and shaming others” before upcoming elections as  Democratic Party candidates choose “high road” methods to promote renewed respect for truth, scientific outlook, and human dignity  in their campaign behavior.

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    1. You’re right Dan. There was a ray of hope attached to this blog. It’s positive that , we both are staying well informed on key issues.


      1. From my perspective & from everything I have been reading, the Democracy I grew up with has been dismantled, to a large extent just in the last 2 years. But it began decades ago when the Koch brother’s father had contracts with the Nazis during the war, to supply them with fuel. The Koch brothers continued in their father’s footsteps setting up foundations to control Democracy by way of corporations. Under the helpful guise, “corporations are people”, & supported by the likes of Mitch McConnell & now all the Republican Congress.


      2. I don’t really follow politics in or out my country but it does come to my attention. It’s complicated in Malaysia, we say we have democracy but one party has led this country for 60 years since independence, that should say something about freedom of choice, or lack of. Anyways, last elections in May this year saw a topple of the old government and we are moving slowly towards building a new country. It will take at least 2 five year terms to right so many wrongs, corruption and nepotism fore mostly.

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      3. Thanks Singledust. it sounds like democracy is a fragile commodity for you and I these days. My wife and I are thinking of visiting Indonesia next year, What places do you recommend to base out of besides Singapore and Bali? Do you know any reputable Air B&B’s? Thanks .


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      4. of course do make time to visit my country Malaysia! Malaysia is a lot more vibrant than Singapore, unless you and your wife like big city life then Singapore is ideal. Bali is awesome, you won’t want to leave, the hospitality and the food and the hills are fantastic. Malaysia has both the peninsula n]and Borneo to delve into. lots of good airbnb’s, clean and affordable. i will link you a contact in an email.

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