Unscripted Traveler Intentions

“True travel requires the simpler stratagems of being patient, humble,solitary,anonymous, and alert” (Paul Theroux)

Have you ever read the travel writings of Paul Theroux? This past week, I delved into his recent novel,“Figures in a Landscape” and became intrigued by his discussion of how our travel choices coincides with core values we believe in as a person. I thus became inspired to write the following poem.

Imagine Your Life’s Path As In Sync With Your Travels
Throw Away Thoughts Of “Red Carpeted” Dreams
Immerse Mind With Strong Heart In Moment’s Unfold
Grow Mindful Alive As Your Ultimate Reaching


Savor Wine Taste On Cool Grass With Bared Feet Calm
For Patience Rewards Those Who Take Time To “Chill”
Spread Kindness To Stranger Help Weak In True Need
For Humility’s Hold Finds No Need To Curse King
Beware Of Bias Frenzy Toss Lust For Blind Greed
For Alertness Means Most In Times Of Least Feel

Sense A Buzz In The Air Catch Wind Of Unknown
For In Improvised Travel You Claim Fate As Your Own


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