Wonderous Wanderings In Fall 2018

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” (John Steinbeck)

Travel excitement pervades the air as Ruth and I fly from Fort Lauderdale to Rome to begin our Fall European vacation. From September 3 – 29, our “Eurail” based itinerary will include Air B@B stays in La Spezia, Italy, Colmar, France, Paris, and London , as well as long awaited reunions with friends in Braunschweig, Germany, and Lausanne, Switzerland. For our final sixteen days of this ambitious adventure, we return home on October 15 from Southampton England via a sixteen day, reposition cruise. Scheduled day stops then include Shetland Island UK, Iceland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Maine, and New York City along the way.

Thinking more closely about the specific sites listed above, I envision a unique array of “now “moments. With mindful anticipation, then, I thus compile my personalized “game plan” for this vacation agenda. As usual, I look forward to sharing many bloggable moments with you when I can. Are there any other topics that you would like me to address in this journey? USFMAN

1 Gaze mindfully out my train window at floral delights overlooking aqua waters along the Italian coast of the Mediterranean Sea

2 Lazily sail on Lake Geneva as I sink peacefully into the misty horizon of the French Alps on the forward shore

3 Walk curiously amidst the battle scarred lands of World War I ruins in Alsace- Lorraine

4 Daringly try a brat and beer for breakfast in a quaint, German cafe

5 Hang out with hungry pigeons on a sun-drenched park bench in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris or Regents Park, London

6 Summon up the courage to speak French as needed in both informal and formal Parisian settings

7 Savor a story told by a “local” citizen about country life survival along the sea coast in Newfoundland.

8 Eat fish and chips in an authentic London pub as desired with no worries about weight gain.

9 Find a lonely spot along the rocky coast of Iceland to watch birdlife, as I absorb raw seaside beauty to write mystical poetry

10 Get lost in an obscure Italian village and find my way through a maze of ancient Roman antiquities

11 Find a new hobby onboard our cruise back to Miami as a viable way to counteract the urge for endless buffet dining.

12 Open up my bedroom window and feel the cool Alpine air of mountainous Switzerland .

13. Discuss alternative viewpoints with strangers about President Donald Trump’s impact from various European country perspectives.

14. Find enough patience to sit through an entire English soccer match in the company of friends.

15.Feel the cool vibe of live jazz at Ronnie Scott’s in London or Le Caveau de La Huchette in Paris.

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  1. What amazing adventures you will have. I am only slightly green! Last year I spent a few weeks Inter-Railing around Germany. When I could I wrote and posted my blog in the evenings or early mornings. Now I enjoy sneaking back to those posts and remembering my trip. I hope you can manage some posts while you are away as they will be written in the moment and you will treasure them later. Other than that have a fabulous time. Mxxx


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