Momentous Lapses of Time

Dawned Orb Glows Blue Vastness A Most Beautiful Sight 

 Immersed In Self Goodness  New Freshness Of Light 

Gentle Waves Pulse Breath Slowly No Need To Hurry

Heed Monkey Mind  Mantra Untroubled By Worry

 Sink Into Numbed Hammock Marley Mellow Frees Pain   

Wiggle Toes In Soft Sands Feel Each Crisis Will Wane 

Self Awareness Less Ego in Tropic Palm Sway 

It’s No Aimless Existence To Love Living Each Day 

Massed Rocks On Stormed Coast Time’s Eternity Passed

Find New Fondness For Now In True Wisdom At Last

I wrote the  poem above inspired by our Western Caribbean cruise stop this week in Cozumel, Mexico. My wife and I have been visiting this pristinely beautiful island since the late 1980s, finding it every time to be a  relaxing respite from our home base in hectic South Florida. The relatively unvisited/undeveloped east coast of the island remains our favorite place to visit away from the tourist commercial bustle. On our self guided excursion on this vacation, we again drove on the only paved road in Cozumel circling the island through  dense mangrove bush dotted with mystical Mayans ruins to our favorite bohemian cafes. 

Below are some favorite pictures on our day in Cozumel. 



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